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Drinks & Going Out

Drinks & Going Out

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Men

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men

When it comes to gift-giving, a few gentle hints never go astray. So if you're considering what to put on your wishlist, or looking to buy something for your pa...
Park Hyatt Guest House NYE

New Years Eve at Park Hyatt, Sydney

We've had an awesome year at Hey Gents this year. Our readership has grown and so has a strong and steady social following. In May we launched our very first is...
Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Every year we're convinced we'll get all our Christmas shopping done with weeks to spare, and every year it gets to mere days before and there's still multiple ...
Monthly Beer Digest: SAMPLE Brew Pale Ale Review

Monthly Beer Digest: Sample Brew Pale Ale

Architecture and beer don't exactly go in hand, but for Melbourne's Sample Brew, the two are like peas in a pod. The combination comes courtesy of the brewery's...
Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Navigating the world of women's gifting can be difficult at the best of times, let alone at Christmas when the pressure is definitely on. Our gift guide for her...
Monthly Beer Digest: Exit IPA Review - Hey Gents

Monthly Beer Digest: Exit IPA

If you like craft beer then Exit Brewing has created the perfect beer for you. Like Stone and Wood in their early days, Exit has been running a lean business. T...
A MINI Guide To: Melbourne

A MINI Guide To: Melbourne

There's a reason that Melbourne has been ranked as the world's most livable city nearly 10 years in a row. Australia's second most populous city is renowned for...
Guide To: Sydney

A MINI Guide To: Sydney

With far more to see than a harbour, and far more to do than climb a bridge, Sydney is a city that you could spend an age exploring. New places to eat, drink, s...
Father’s Day Essentials | Drinks Gift Guide 2017

Father’s Day Drinks Gift Guide 2017

One of the best ways to show appreciation for your dad is through the simple gesture of spending quality time with him over some heartfelt conversation. Having ...