Coffee Gift Guide

Brewing tools and essentials

Coffee is often the bedrock of a productive day, and anyone interested in perfecting the art at home needs the right tools to do so. Equal attention must be given to each and every stage of the coffee-making process. That’s where you come in: the discerning gift-giver hoping to lend a helping hand to your loved one on their journey towards the best cup of homemade coffee possible. Below you will find nine coffee-related gift ideas, from simple brewing tools to the crème de la crème of home coffee.

Technivorm Moccamaster Classic 1.25 Litre

HEY GENTS Coffee Gift Guide 2020 Moccamaster

Available in a range of colour options, the Technivorm Moccamaster Classic is a 1.25-litre capacity coffee maker that prioritises efficiency as much as it does durability and aesthetics. Featuring a nine-hole spray head for efficient wetting of the coffee grounds, and two temperature settings for the warming plate, the Moccamaster is like that highly organised friend ready to greet coffee lovers with an excellent, consistent cup each time — automatically switching everything off after the process is done.


Allpress Espresso Christmas Blend

HEY GENTS Coffee Gift Guide 2020 Allpress Christmas Blend

For 2020, Allpress has scoured the best of Guatemala, Sumatra and Ethiopia for their annual Christmas Blend. What you get here is a 250g bag of pure harmony — that is, a dance of perfection between the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe’s bright berry acidity and floral aroma, the Guatemala Encantada’s smooth apple acidity, chocolate, and caramel flavours, and the Sumatran Gayo’s spice and dark raisin fruit notes.


Mr Black Single Origin Ethiopia Coffee Liqueur

HEY GENTS Coffee Gift Guide 2020 Mr Black Single Origin Ethiopia

As Australia’s favourite coffee liqueur, this new release from Mr Black brings a brand new dimension to the brand, drawing on the potent fruity flavours of coffee specifically sourced from one washstation in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. The result is a liqueur with notes of earl grey and bergamot, uniquely synced with subtle hints of roasted hazelnuts which give way to zesty marmalade on the palate with a long, tingling finish.


La Marzocco Sapphire Special Edition Linea Mini

HEY GENTS Coffee Gift Guide 2020 - La Marzocco Sapphire Special Edition Linea Mini

Based on the iconic Linea Classic, La Marzocco have created the Sapphire Special Edition of their Linea Mini, slimming the form factor but by no means compromising on exceptional design and consistent performance. A coffee machine with plenty of style, this 2020 iteration of the Linea Mini features bold backsplashes, statement faucets and brass cabinet hardware, elegantly brought together to add a strong look to any living space.


Fellow Stagg Kettle

HEY GENTS Coffee Gift Guide 2020  Fellow Stagg Kettle

Aiming to perfect the delicate art of pour-over coffee, Fellow presents the Stagg Kettle — a divine blend of form and function, with minimalism complementing a singular precision pour spot, counterbalanced handle, and a built-in brew-range thermometer. The idea is as much about consistency as it is about perfection.



The soft and comfortable textures characteristic of the historic artisan town of Hasami, in Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture, are perfectly represented by this series of porcelain HASAMI Mugs. Crafted with precision and an eye for elegance, these mugs of varying sizes echo the gentle touch of simplicity and a functional, stackable approach to design, fully validating the use of traditional glazing techniques and the brand’s proprietary blend of natural stone and clay materials.


Kalita Wave Filter Cone & Glass Server

Kalita Wave HEY GENTS Coffee Gift Guide 2020

Any eager home brewer is going to need the right equipment on hand, which is why the Kalita Wave Filter Cone and separate Glass Server make such good gifts, perfect for those high quality serves that guarantee coffee is enjoyed at the perfect temperature every time. While the ceramic Wave Filter Cone has been purpose-built to keep water away from the cone walls for a more even coffee extraction, the Glass Server keeps that perfection packaged nicely until it’s time to enjoy that morning hit.


Kinto Slow Coffee Style Measuring Spoon

If you know someone who would appreciate adding the stringent sense of perfection and gentle lull of harmony to their morning coffee making routine, look to the Japanese brand Kinto, who present this gorgeous natural teak wood coffee measuring spoon to complement the care and attention involved in each step towards that perfect cup of coffee.


The Artisan Roaster

The Artisan Roaster book is a complete guide to setting up and running an artisan coffee roastery cafe from start-up to sale. Written in an engaging and easy-to-read manner, it’s packed with essential and practical advice as well as fascinating facts on all-things-coffee.


Words by Chris Singh.
Photographs by Joe Vuong, Nick Vodicka and supplied.

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