Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones

As I gently lift the third generation of Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless headphones from the minimal style packaging, I’m reminded of what it feels like to fall in love with a design. The legendary audio company has always finely-tuned the line between forward-thinking aesthetics and superior performance, but with this latest iteration of MOMENTUM, they have really gone the extra mile.

What Sennheiser has done is bring together a range of convenient, modern features, beautifully integrating them into a powerhouse package of advanced noise cancelling, stunning fidelity and a seamless listening experience. 

The first thing I notice when I unzip the round fabric case is just how sturdy and harmonious the build quality is. From the genuine sheepskin leather earpads, to the lightweight pearl-blasted stainless steel sliders and hinges, Sennheiser has clearly zoned in on expert craftsmanship and highlights the importance of long-lasting comfort so crucial to modern headphones.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones Review

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones Review

I first test these in transit, fitting the headphones on and walking constantly to see how they suit a frequently mobile scenario. The flexible, folding headband used to bridge the two earpads keeps the pair locked and fitting comfortably on the head, with very little movement. 

When I’m not using them, it’s easy to tuck them away with a quick fold so the sleek black body fits into its cylindrical case. Inside the case is also an internal elastic pocket which holds the included 3.5mm cable and USB-C to A charging cable, ensuring both are easily accessible at all times.

The nice weight to the MOMENTUM 3 is a large reason for why they are so perfect for our longer lasting listening sessions. They aren’t heavy, but definitely not flimsy, striking a nice balance that speaks volumes as an essential item for frequent travellers. 

An impressive 17-hour battery life certainly helps, as does the size of the cups that create a perfect seal around our ears. The process of locking us into our own private listening session is seamless, largely credited to the refined noise cancelling technology, flexible enough for all situations. I could let the outside world in with a simple press of a designated tactile button, choosing from three active noise cancellation modes, as well as a transparent hearing function that accurately controls the level of passive noise.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones Review

When sharing the headphones around the office, a quick, smooth adjustment using the free-sliding side bars ensures an accurate fit for each of us. This is essential to get the most from the high-quality speaker system, driven by 42mm transducers and a robust Bluetooth 5 connection with support for various codecs including AptX, AAC and SBC. 

All content I test is immersive and fully absorbs me in the experience, but I notice complex styles like EDM tend to benefit the most — the accentuated bass, elegant and distinctive instrumentals and clear vocals, all sharp and precise.

Controlling playback via voice command is simple as I revisit those gorgeous tactile buttons, accessing our iPhone’s Siri assistant easily when it’s time to put the music on hold and make a few clear business calls.

When there’s audio playing and I remove the headphones, the audio is automatically paused, then playback is resumed exactly where I left off as soon as I place the cups back over my ears. This is thanks to reliable proximity sensors, cleverly integrated so there’s nothing missed — especially appreciated when listening to podcasts or audiobooks. 

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones Review

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones Review

Thankfully I haven’t lost these headphones anywhere, especially given the circular case that easily packs into any cargo, but if I did then it’s nice to know Sennheiser has partnered with TILE to include their tracking technology in this generation. This makes the headphones simple to locate via a smartphone app if they go missing for whatever reason.

Though the cups get a bit warm the longer I wear them, it’s clear the MOMENTUM 3’s have been built to last, geared towards a fluid content experience that runs smoothly throughout the day, from transit to office to home. 

Currently available at a promotional price of AU$549.


This article was produced by HEY GENTS in partnership with Sennheiser.

Words by Chris Singh. 
Photographs by Nick Vodicka.

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