HEY GENTS Christmas Gift Guide 2019

2019 Christmas Gift Guide

Coming up with thoughtful, quality gifts year after year is easier said than done. To help sharpen those gift-giving skills and truly impress this holiday season, we’re bringing to you our curated guide of some of the best across homewares, drinks, tech and fashion.

Ferm Living – Ripple Glasses

HEY GENTS Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Winner of a Wallpaper Design Award, the Ferm Living Ripple Glasses are mouth-blown and feature a contemporary rippled surface. The glasses, which also have a matching carafe and other sizes, are a great gift for anyone who loves hosting dinner parties or making their drinks look like they’re straight out of a food magazine. Enjoy using them for anything from water to an elaborate cocktail.

Buy: Designstuff

Abelforth’s – Bathtub Gin

Not only is Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin unique in look, with its package of brown paper, string and wax influenced by a Victorian apothecary, the award-winning UK spirit has also been distinguished by its fresh, bold and fragrant body. Made in ultra-small batches, the high quality copper pot-still spirit is infused with a wide range of ingredients including juniper, orange peel, coriander, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, making this ideal for the gin lover who wants to take the classics to the next level this Christmas.

Buy: Dan Murphy's

Apple – iPad Pro 11-inch

HEY GENTS Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Apple have outdone themselves with the 11” iPad Pro, raising their own standards with substantial enhancements to complement and encourage creative minds, from an outstanding high-resolution liquid retina display to a best-in-class battery life of 18 hours. The device’s intelligence is further maximised with the separately sold snap-on polyurethane smart cover, cleverly designed to fold into several different positions.

Buy: Apple

Sennheiser – MOMENTUM Headphones

HEY GENTS Christmas Gift Guide 2019

With the third iteration of Sennheiser’s widely acclaimed MOMENTUM Headphones, the reputable audio brand has maintained their high standards of exceptional sound, superior build, and brilliant noise cancelling. Whether it’s curating a seamless private listening session on daily commutes, or letting ambient sound in without interrupting the music, the entire personal audio experience has been redefined with these gorgeous headphones.

Buy: Sennheiser

Ailsa Bay – Whisky

An unwavering dedication to the science of whisky distilling has led to Ailsa Bay Whisky, a Lowland single malt meticulously crafted at one of the most high-tech distilleries in the world. The liquid is scientifically distilled at 022 parts peat, 019 parts sweet, and then micro matured for a precise balance of sweet and smoky notes, shifting standards of what an ideal dram should taste like.

Buy: Dan Murphy's

Nordgreen – Native Watch

HEY GENTS Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Inspired by the profundities of time, Nordgreen’s Native is a watch that truly celebrates intelligence and, through its iconic Jakob Wagner design, encourages individuality as much as it does sophistication, with a clean design and leather interchangeable straps. Give the gift of exceptional style and simplicity, available in four colours – silver, rose gold, gold and gunmetal.

Buy: Nordgreen

Everlane – The Trainer

HEY GENTS Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Further expanding their range of high-quality, sustainability-focused wardrobe basics, this year Everlane released their first-ever sneaker with the launch of new sub-brand, Tread by Everlane. Their debut style, The Trainer, is almost entirely free from virgin plastic, as well as made with clean leather that uses less energy and water, and completely carbon offset.

Buy: Everlane

Dyson – Supersonic Hairdryer

HEY GENTS Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Controlled, precise and incredibly powerful, the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer is the result of meticulous design and meaningful features that perfect every function of this modern day hairdryer. As gentle or as high-velocity as it needs to be, the device makes the most of several magnetic attachments along with intelligent heat control and Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology to perfectly style, dry and diffuse each and every time.

Buy: Dyson

Mihan Aromatics – Mikado Bark

HEY GENTS Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Featuring a bottle design equally as beautiful as its scent, the Mikado Bark fragrance from Australian brand Mihan Aromatics will be a welcome gift in more ways than one. Described by the brand as “grounded, fastidious, gestural, and immutable”—take what you will from that but rest assured this fragrance will not disappoint.

Buy: Mihan Aromatics

Asket – Merino Wool Polo

HEY GENTS Christmas Gift Guide 2019

A timeless and versatile addition to any wardrobe, the Merino Wool Polo from Swedish brand ASKET features an exceptionally fine 24 gauge knit, making it both naturally breathable and insulating. The brand proudly promotes transparency of production, and this garment is 100% traceable throughout the entire process.

Buy: Asket

Woodford Reserve – Distiller’s Select

Sometimes a hardy American whiskey is just the thing one needs to hit all the right spots at Christmas time. Woodford Reserve brings in a dependable body that’s complex and balanced with great depth behind all those rich vanilla and oak notes. Whether it’s the backbone of a classic Old Fashioned, or enjoyed as a festive dram, there’s nothing quite like the Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select.

Buy: Dan Murphy's

Google – Nest Wi-Fi

HEY GENTS Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Creating a wireless network that is reliable, and bringing Google Home functionality into the equation, has made the Google Nest Wi-Fi essential for the modern home. Finessed to offer the ultimate mesh system, this gift is for anyone looking for something to help easily and seamlessly manage the devices of a smart home ecosystem, while at the same time being a smart device itself.

Buy: Google

Samsung – Galaxy Note 10

HEY GENTS Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Taking a holistic approach to the modern-day smartphone, Samsung’s ingenious Galaxy Note 10 has been elevated to a genuine all-in-one device, edging past the competition, with a mobile experience reimagined to bring the best of entertainment, photography and productivity together, with an intelligent pen to cap it off. The phone; slim, light and yet retaining that premium feel, has helped Samsung recalibrate what it means to own a smartphone in 2019.

Buy: Samsung

Sony – Glass Sound Speaker

HEY GENTS Christmas Gift Guide 2019

A gift for the music lover who appreciates innovation, Sony’s LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker has been engineered to fill a room with vibrant and high-resolution 360-degree sound. The unique device makes use of an organic glass tube which vibrates to bring an immaculately clear quality to the listening experience. Play carols on Christmas day as the speaker emits the mimicking of a dancing candlelight.

Buy: Sony

Words by Chris Singh. 
Photographs by Joe Vuong and Nick Vodicka.

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