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Contemporary, Technology-Led Shower Design by Rogerseller

For more than 120 years, Rogerseller has been one of Australia’s leading bathroom and kitchen companies, offering premium designs by some of the world’s most highly regarded manufacturers. More recently, the brand has introduced its own unique designs to the market. Combining innovative concepts with invaluable knowledge and experience gained over the years, Rogerseller products bring smart design together with quality materials and contemporary style—all geared towards the modern home. Challenging our understanding of the (relatively tech-free) bathroom, the brand’s latest collection, Tectonic Showers, is a ground-breaking product line built to create a clever and sleek new shower experience that speaks to design aficionados and technology buffs alike. 

Tectonic Showerhead Rogerseller - HEY GENTS

The collection consists of four pieces in brushed or polished stainless steel and exceptionally slim, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it designs. There’s the Tectonic Ceiling Shower, a 3mm linear design mounted directly onto the ceiling; the Tectonic Extraction Fan, a quiet yet functional fan that blends into the ceiling; the Tectonic Wall Shower, a slightly larger design that’s mounted onto the wall; and the Tectonic Shower and Extraction System which brings three elements seamlessly together for an all-encompassing experience. 

Remaining slim and minimal in style, the Tectonic Shower and Extraction System incorporates water (the shower itself, complete with rain and massaging water functions), light (a soft LED ring) and a quiet extraction fan that lifts the steam away. It’s a cutting-edge yet simple and subtle design that does away with the need for various elements in the bathroom—instead, offering an all-in-one shower that allows for a clean, streamlined aesthetic.

Take a closer look at the full range of exciting new products and book a face-to-face Tectonic demo at rogerseller.com.au.

This article was produced by HEY GENTS in partnership with Rogerseller.

Words by Angharad Jones.
Photographs supplied by Rogerseller.

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