Samsung’s 2019 Entertainment Line Up

Introducing Australia to the country’s very first 8K televisions, Samsung’s 2019 home entertainment range has arrived with incredible variety and upgraded features. Making use of QLED displays, these new TVs showcase significant advancements in Quantum Dot technology to enhance the visual experience.

It is widely known that Samsung sell more TVs worldwide than any other brand on the market, and that position doesn’t look to be under threat anytime soon given this range’s depth and the options represented. From the headlining Q900 8K TV to the entry level RU7100, this is one of Samsung’s most comprehensive series to date.

HEY GENTS spent time with one of the higher-end models, the 75-inch Q90, and we were thoroughly impressed with the overall audio-visual experience, which is carefully built by some of these new, refined features.

Samsung QLED 4K Q90

Cutting edge HDR10+ and Ultra Bright technology is used to manage the TV’s contrast and colour. The QLED screen is remarkably bright, given the brightness levels are constantly optimised to maintain a consistent glow in various situations. We were especially surprised by Samsung’s Anti-Glare technology, which is featured on the Q80 and above models and works exceptionally well to actively reduce glare in different lighting conditions.

The more expensive models of this series also feature an updated Wide Viewing Angle innovation, which uses a new panel layer to reflect light further outwards to reduce colour shift and blooming effects. We tried sitting in different areas – not just directly in front of the TV – and found that the colours remained accurate and incredibly crisp in all viewing positions.

Samsung QLED 4K Q90

Samsung have made the wise decision to bring back Ambient Mode for this series, which we loved playing around with during our time with the Q90. The expanded variety of themes and informational options brings so much life and purpose to the display.

An extension of the Q90’s gorgeous, functional design, is the new One Remote control. Samsung has also upgraded this device, which is minimal and intuitive, especially now that it has a dedicated smart button to quickly access services such as Netflix, Amazing Prime and the TV’s Web Browser.

Samsung Q70R Sound Bar

During our hands-on, we were also able to experience the Q70 Sound Bar, which uses Acoustic Beam technology and object-based sound to enhance its Dolby Atmos sound. We found it perfectly sufficient for a small room, filling the space with rich, textured sound to make movies much more engaging.


Words by Chris Singh.

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