LG 2019 C9 TV

LG’s 2019 C9 OLED TV

In creating a more enhanced and immersive audio-visual experience, LG have once again pushed the envelope with their 2019 range of televisions and sound bars. A number of intelligent upgrades, varying sizes, and advanced upscaling technology has given the company a refreshing direction, edging them towards the ultimate viewing experience.

Headlining the new range is the powerful 88-inch 8K Z9 OLED TV. Although that won’t be released in Australia until the second half of this year, LG plans to introduce several models over the next few months including new thinQ OLED models and a number of Super UHD and UHD TVs, making this a substantial boost to the company’s profile.

LG 2019 C9 TV

HEY GENTS went hands-on with the series’ 4K OLED 65” C9 TV, one of the higher-end models, defined by its use of LG’s new Alpha 9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor and substantial webOS 4.5 updates.

While some of LG’s other models have ‘Picture-on-Glass’ and ‘Wallpaper TV’ form factors, the C9 is expressed as a ‘Cinema Screen’. Sleek ultra thin bezels help boost the OLED display’s cinematic quality as well as complement the minimalist design for a contemporary and elegant look.

LG 2019 C9 TV

We were most impressed with how sharp the display is, boosted by amazing contrast for punchy colours that really pop. The depth of this OLED display means that the blacks are particularly impressive, and the amount of detail that can be seen in darker, shadowy patches of a picture is fantastic compared to a standard LED screen.

The C9’s processor, also included on some of the other higher-end models in this series, takes care of the heavy lifting necessary to upscale any content to the TV’s ambitious standards. This certainly helps upgrade any content via a newly refined quad-step upscaling process, and a frequency-based enhancer used to lift smaller details and add texture to anything on the screen.

LG 2019 C9 TV

LG’s upgraded Magic Remote was also fun to play around with, allowing for easy navigation with the pointer, as well as efficient voice search with YouTube and Google assistant. Thanks to a smart design scheme, it’s also very comfortable to hold.

The kind of visual immersion offered by the LG just wouldn’t as effective without an appropriate audio environment, and thankfully the powerful new Sound Bar was brilliant at helping movies truly come to life. The enriching soundscapes were full of fine details thanks to the precision audio of Dolby Atmos.


Words by Chris Singh.

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