The LaCie Portable SSD Drive Is Extremely Fast

Every now and then a product comes along and changes the game. Sometimes it’s a brand new category of product and sometimes it’s just a better iteration of something that is made exceptionally well. The LaCie Portable SSD is one of these things. 

Three and a half minutes was all it took to transfer a full 64 Gb SD card, full of content over to the LaCie Portable SSD drive. Not only was it the fastest backup time I’ve experienced, it’s the only time I’ve been able to browse large RAW image files without the frustration during the backup. 

We recently visited Japan to shoot the next issue of HEY GENTS MAGAZINE, and for anyone who has ever been there, you know how much you just want to photograph everything. That’s exactly what happened and the SD cards filled up quickly. Usually there is a sense of procrastination when needing to back them up but the speedy transfers definitely helped ease that angst. We had the 2TB drive which stores up to 20,000 RAW images… even after two weeks of shooting photos and video footage, our data was but a drop in the storage pond. 

LaCie Portable SSD Drive
LaCie Portable SSD Drive Size Hand
LaCie Portable SSD Drive
LaCie Portable SSD Drive

Weighing in at only 100 grams and not much bigger than a card wallet, this external hard-drive is sturdy, smart looking and portable. It’s also available in three sizes, 500Gb, 1TB and 2TB.


Words by Joe Vuong

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