Top Picks For Christmas - Fitzrovia & Co.

Top Picks For Christmas From Fitzrovia & Co.

Finding one place where you can get the bulk of your Christmas shopping done sounds like a dream. Thankfully, Melbourne-based Fitzrovia & Co. is making this a reality for us; the online store carries a range of design-led brands and products that have a large part of our Christmas lists covered. Check out some of our top picks from the premium lifestyle shop below…


Solid State – Aviator Solid Cologne

Top Picks For Christmas - Solid State for Men

These solid colognes by Solid State are ideal for frequent jet-setters. Contained in a compact tin, the cologne is crafted from a natural wax base with ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil. A quick swipe on the pulse points leaves a subtle and long-lasting fragrance, without any greasy or oily residue left on the skin. There’s a range of fragrances available, including Aviator — a striking blend of woody aromatics and crisp citrus.

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Sttoke – Reusable Coffee Cup

Top Picks For Christmas - Reusable Coffee Cup

If you know someone who’s still getting their takeaway coffee in a single-use cup, you need to help them catch up with the times. Sttoke’s interpretation of the reusable coffee cup is sleek and modern; they’ve turned it into a stylish accessory. The cup’s matte black exterior is crafted from stainless steel while the inside is a shatterproof ceramic. It keeps the coffee hot for up to three hours and doesn’t affect the taste of it like some other cups can. Sttoke’s reusable cup is also lightweight, so there’s no excuse not to have it in the daily carry.

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Tactica – M.100 Multitool

Top Picks For Christmas - Tactica M.100 Multitool

A useful everyday essential to have on hand, the Tactica M.100 Multitool offers superior functionality within a lightweight and compact body. Tactica has continued to build on the popular product’s design, integrating a new feature this year to increase usability. This updated version comes with an additional stainless steel insert in the tool’s tip, which essentially makes it easier to reach into tight places. This is in addition to features like bottle opener, box opener, screwdriver, ruler, and more.

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Eva Solo – Decanter Carafe Wine Aerator

Top Picks For Christmas - Decanter Carafe Wine Aerator

When you have a nice bottle of red wine, you want to enjoy it to its fullest extent. That means aerating it in a decanter before serving. This simple process oxygenates the wine, which makes its flavours and aromas more pronounced. The Eva Solo Decanter Carafe features a unique design and is constructed from mouth-blown glass and stainless steel. It’s drip-free, dishwasher safe, and can hold one bottle of wine. It’s a great gift for any wine lovers you know this Christmas.

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Hunter Lab – Daily Tool Kit

Top Picks For Christmas - The Daily Tool Kit

The Hunter Lab Daily Tool Kit is a stellar choice of Christmas gift for grooming experts, novices, and anyone in between. The kit contains three of the brand’s flagship products; the Hand & Body Wash, Cleansing Facial Scrub, and Daily Face Fuel moisturiser, which are housed in a premium felt and leather bag. Hunter Lab craft products from natural ingredients that have a tried and tested scientific backing. They’re simple and effective, and better yet, come in sleek packaging that looks great in the shower or on the bathroom counter.

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Triumph & Disaster – Frank The Dopp

Top Picks For Christmas - Frank The Dopp

Frank The Dopp by Triumph & Disaster is a great way to carry grooming gear in style. It doesn’t get much better when you’re on the go; the stylish bag features a leather outer and a synthetic, water-resistant interior. The main compartment is spacious and there’s even an internal wire frame so the bag always keeps its shape and structure. Another water-resistant compartment on the base allows for additional storage space and is ideal if you want to keep your wet and dry gear separate.

Buy: Fitzrovia & Co.


Bellroy – Designers Edition Hide & Seek Wallet

Top Picks For Christmas - Hide & Seek Wallet 2

Premium and slim with superior functionality, this wallet from Bellroy is the ultimate everyday accessory. Part of their elevated Designers Edition range, the Hide & Seek wallet is made from a luxuriously soft leather that was tanned in the Netherlands. Cutting and stitching were left to a minimum, increasing spaciousness and creating a more distinct look. The bi-fold wallet can hold up to 12 cards, notes, and coins (by way of a hidden coin pouch), plus it offers RFID protection.

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Mühle – Hexagon 3 Piece Shaving Set

Top Picks For Christmas - Hexagon 3 Piece Shaving Set

For any man looking to enhance his shaving routine, this kit by Mühle is a great place to start. Created in collaboration with Mark Braun, the kit features a safety razor with an elegantly and ergonomically designed handle, matching shaving brush, and a sleek stand. Each component has been made to ensure the best shave, like the brush head, whose fibres are soft and stable to allow for an effective lather. The safety razor gives a clean, close, and long lasting shave, made simple by the easy to hold hexagonal handle.

Buy: Fitzrovia & Co.


Loake – Valet Box

Top Picks For Christmas - Loake Valet Box

As the adage goes, take care of your shoes and your shoes will take care of you. And the best way to take care of them is with Loake’s comprehensive Valet Box. In this extensive kit, the multi-generational brand has left no stone unturned when it comes to cleaning your footwear. It contains multiple polishing brushes, leather wax, a suede cleaner and protector, five different colours of beeswax shoe polish, and more. To cap off the premium footwear care kit, everything comes housed in a super elegant dark wooden box.

Buy: Fitzrovia & Co.


Bellroy – Work Folio

Top Picks For Christmas - Work Folio A4

Bellroy’s Work Folio is ideal for those who are constantly working on the go or always in and out of meetings. Made from premium leather, the elegant A4 size folio keeps notebooks, papers, cards, notes, pens, and more neatly organised. Conveniently, it can also hold a tablet or 13-inch laptop. This a stylish piece of office carry and a must for those who need their work to be easily accessible and safely stored in one place.

Buy: Fitzrovia & Co.


About Vintage – 1844 Chronograph Watch

Top Picks For Christmas - 1844 Chronograph Watch

A simple and sophisticated timepiece that offers versatility in wear, About Vintage’s 1844 Chronograph Watch makes for a generous and thoughtful Christmas gift. The watch is crafted from premium materials like sapphire crystal and genuine leather. It features a quality Miyota 6S11 Chronograph movement and is 5 ATM water resistant. The stunning pearl white dial is complemented nicely with steel and black detailing. Clean and modern, this timepiece is a great choice for daily wear.

Buy: Fitzrovia & Co.

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