Artusi Beer Fridge

Artusi Beer Fridge

The temperature in Sydney is finally heating up and there’s nothing quite like a nice cold beverage to help cool things down. The new Artusi Bar Fridge has suddenly become our favourite appliance in the office. Keeping drinks always perfectly chilled is important and it does exactly that.

The excellent build quality of the Artusi Bar Fridge is apparent the moment you open the glass door — you can feel its balanced and weighted swing. Along the top of the door is a touch control panel with a number of well thought through features. There are some basic functions like an internal LED light switch and temperature adjustment buttons. On a Friday afternoon when the team is having a few more drinks, Party Mode comes in quite handy as it ensures that the fridge works harder to keep the temperature consistent from all the opening and closing of the door. If the fridge has just been restocked, Turbo Mode quickly brings the drinks to the right drinking state.


The internal shelves of the fridge are easily configurable to house 66 standard beer bottles or 108 cans. Wine and champagne bottles will easily fit in as well. The outer frame is made from heavy-duty metal and features a matte black industrial finish. This sleek, minimal aesthetic ensures that the Artusi Bar Fridge will blend in seamlessly wherever it is placed. The fridge emits a relatively low hum and is quieter than other bar fridges we’ve had in the past.


With a cooling range of -5 to 10 degrees Celsius, the Artusi claims to be the coldest fridge in Australia – whether that claim is true isn’t that important because it’s a stunning looking fridge that keeps our refreshments at the perfect temperature every time.

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