Product Focus: Beosound Edge

Danish luxury audio brand, Bang & Olufsen are known for pushing the boundaries of what’s expected from a home speaker. Their continued collaborations with some of the world’s most exciting creative minds have spawned a series of highly unique designs that not only provide supreme sound, but act as beautiful additions to a home or interior space. Their newest offering sees a partnership with prolific designer, Michael Anastassiades in the form of the Beosound Edge.

The new wireless speaker is like nothing before, taking on the essence of Anastassiades’ aesthetic; minimalist, eclectic and unassuming. Like many of his notable lighting, furniture and product designs, the Beosound Edge becomes more and more intriguing with each subsequent viewing. This powerful speaker is taking the term ‘part of the furniture’ to new levels, able to be suspended on the wall or placed on the floor as a statement piece amongst other decorative objects.

Bang & Olufsen’s signature material, aluminium has been employed for the frame of the speaker, receiving a flawless polished finish. In complete contrast, a matte black fabric covers the front of the speaker, with other on-trend colours to be released. A touch interface has been built into the aluminium frame, with proximity sensors discreetly illuminating as you approach. A truly unique feature of the Beosound Edge is the way in which you adjust the volume of sound. Simply roll the device forwards and backwards to increase or decrease the volume; with the amount of force determining the level of adjustment. Let go and the speaker will automatically align itself.

The Beosound Edge is a piece of audio equipment that showcases a high level of craftsmanship and innovation from both Bang & Olufsen and Michael Anastassiades. Able to both fill a room with crystal-clear sound and a striking focal point, it turns an everyday action into a fascinating tactile experience.

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