Concrete Coastal Home Sydney

A Concrete Coastal Home In Sydney

It’s no secret that Sydney is home to some of the most idyllic stretches of beach in the world. Tamarama is a suburb renowned for its dramatic cliffs, keen surf culture and a diverse mix of residential architecture. Here, perched amongst its hillside neighbours, Tama’s Tee House by Luigi Rosselli Architects is a beautiful interpretation of a contemporary coastal home…

On first glance, the home appears to be brand new, with a gravity-defying unipod structure and ultra-modern finishes. However, fifty per cent of the previous structure was incorporated into the design, including the sandstone retaining wall and garage. This served as the basis for construction and inevitably contributed to it’s ‘tee’ shaped facade. A blend of sharp lines and soft curves keep the eye engaged, with new perspectives to discover at every angle. Luigi Rosselli is no stranger to pushing traditional boundaries, with a tendency for highly sculptural architecture that is both functional and eye-catching.

Making full use of its steep position, Tama’s Tee House spans four storeys, with level three prevailing as the place to catch the best views of the Pacific Ocean. It’s also where the majority of living takes place, the distinction between indoors and outdoors blurred. Custom shutters shelter a northwest terrace from the street below and strong ocean winds while maintaining an unobstructed vision from within. Throughout, natural materials, exposed roof framing, and light finishes combine for a relaxed and comfortable aesthetic. The concrete coastal home is not only visually breathtaking, but it’s also well-designed to allow it’s occupants to enjoy a comfortable seaside lifestyle all year round.

Photography by Prue Roscoe.

visit: Luigi Rosselli Architects

A Concrete Coastal Home In Sydney | Tama's Tee HouseA Concrete Coastal Home In Sydney | Tama's Tee HouseA Concrete Coastal Home In Sydney | Tama's Tee HouseA Concrete Coastal Home In Sydney | Tama's Tee House


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