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Bose Sleepbuds Review | Get a Better Night’s Sleep

It’s obvious that getting a good night’s sleep is paramount for combating fatigue; however, sometimes it isn’t always possible due to some external forces out of your control. Maybe it’s a snoring partner, some noisy neighbours, or the proximity of your home to a busy street. One thing that might help are the brand new Bose Sleepbuds, a set of discrete earbuds that mask a significant amount of external noise and are comfortable to wear all night.


The Bose Sleepbuds come in a small hockey puck-sized charging case. The lid slides open to reveal the two earbuds inside. The earbuds themselves resemble a set of true wireless sports earphones; with silicone buds to provide a tight seal, and silicone fins to ensure they stay in place all night. In order for the Bose Sleepbuds to work effectively they need to block out as much external noise as possible, so two sizes of tips and fins have been included to fit different sized ears. Battery life is great and can last roughly two nights before needing to charge them again, but you’ll probably pop them back into the box every morning for storage anyway.


There are two things to note about the Bose Sleepbuds; the first is that they aren’t noise-cancelling but rather are noise-masking. This is because noise-cancelling is great for blocking out continuous low-end frequencies such as the drone of a plane engine, but it isn’t suitable for sounds in the upper and middle frequencies such as voices or traffic that occur more sporadically. The second is that they are not designed to play music and you can’t actually play songs on them only the sounds available in the accompanying Bose app. These sounds have been researched, tested and curated by Bose to ensure that what you hear is optimal for ensuring that you get the best quality sleep.

Six to eight hours is a long time to be wearing any kind of earbuds, but the Sleepbuds are designed to be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods without becoming too irritable. In fact, you notice how comfortable they are the moment you put them on. They may take a night or two to get used to, and we’re not sure how they’ll fare with the heat of summer, but overall they’re not irritating to wear.

At the moment, there are ten preset sounds to choose from, with some designed for noise-masking and some for relaxation. We found that they all do a pretty good job at both simultaneously and they are different enough that you should be able to find one that works best for you. One clever design feature is that the audio files are stored in the buds themselves with the app being used to control them. This means that they don’t maintain a Bluetooth connection for the whole night, a welcome safety measure. When playing the audio sounded like it was occurring naturally, which helped us to fall asleep easily. They’re also great to take travelling as you never know what the noise levels at the hotel you’re staying at will be like.

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We’re big fans of being able to set and hear an alarm through the earbuds alone. This is great if you need to get up at a different time than your partner or roommates, with the Bose Sleepbuds only waking the user up and leaving the rest of the house undisturbed.

Bose Sleepbuds Review | The Wrap-Up

Priced at $380 AUD the Bose Sleepbuds may seem like a steep premium for something that only performs a single function. However, it performs that function very well. If you find yourself in a situation where external noises are waking you up at night, then the excellent noise-masking technology may help you get a better night’s sleep.

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