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If you’re like us and appreciate great coffee, at some point you’ll go searching for a particular blend that hits the spot each and every time. For Hey Gents, that blend came from Allpress Espresso. Their coffee has become a mainstay in our office and we try to seek it out wherever we travel. Starting out as a small coffee cart ran by Michael Allpress in the 1980s it wasn’t long before their unique blend was being sold to cafes throughout Auckland city. Since then they’ve continued to expand steadily, there are now ten roasteries producing beans that are used in thousands of cafes around the world. They recently opened a new space in Brisbane: a multi-purpose facility for training, workshopping, picking and packing coffee, as well as a stunning cafe for the local community.

Today marked another leap forward for the coffee brand as we were introduced to the reconception of all six Allpress roasts. This was announced along with beautiful brand new packaging designs that have been released globally. To top it all off, consistently striving for innovation, Allpress also released the Allpress Flavour Finder platform for mobile.

All New Names, Same Great Taste

On our travels, we regularly use the Cafe Finder app to locate the closest cafe serving Allpress coffee. But up until now, the names and logos of the various blends were different from country to country. In-house designers Kim Getley and Rob Lockyear have developed visual representations for the various blends depicting the concept behind each blend. This branding and naming are now consistent across the globe, so no matter where you are your favourite blend will always be instantly recognisable.

We’re not the only ones who love the clean, simplistic designs of the new packaging. New Zealand based Best Design Awards is an annual showcase of excellence in various facets of design, and several Allpress products have been nominated. The new branding is nominated for Design, while the Flavour Finder has been recognised in the Interactive category. A porcelain cup called the Arita that resembles the signature Allpress takeaway cup is nominated in the Product category.

Allpress Espresso Blend

This is the signature blend, formerly known as Carmelo, that Michael Allpress initially crafted and built the Allpress brand from. The air roasting method gives it a complex fruity flavour that is synonymous with the Allpress brand.

A.R.T Espresso Roast

The A.R.T Espresso Roast uses their air roasting method to bring out every ounce of flavour while maintaining the complexities of their signature blend. It’s a little sweeter, a little chocolatier and perfect of those who want a slightly bolder coffee. Hence why it was previously known as Supremo.

The Good Brew

Using African beans known for their juicy berry flavours, this coffee was designed, as the name implies, to be consistently excellent no matter the brewing method. Drip, aero and french press, or as an espresso shot, The Good Brew provides a simple fruity flavour every time. Previously known as Full City.

Browns Mill Organic

Sourcing the perfect coffee beans can be a difficult task, but sourcing the perfect beans that are also organic is no mean feat. Allpress did just that with Browns Mill Organic that produces quite a mellow flavour with very subtle complexities.

Haus Decaf Blend

By ridding the coffee beans of caffeine without the use of chemicals, Allpress were able to create a decaf blend that doesn’t compromise at all on taste. We’re partial to a late night coffee, but don’t always need the caffeine hit. This is a really great option that certainly isn’t lacking in flavour.

Our Coffee Galaxy

A limited edition run of sorts, Our Coffee Galaxy changes depending on the season and origin the beans were sourced from. Definitely worth a try if you’re after something a bit different.

Allpress Flavour Finder

Allpress is renowned for their hot air roasting method to bring out the natural sweetness in their beans that gives their coffee its signature taste. Looking to enhance the experience and knowledge of their coffee-loving cafe regulars, Allpress has created the Allpress Flavour Finder (mobile only); an interactive tool that enables users to learn more about the creation, the properties and the reasons why they might prefer a brew over another. The characteristics of each blend are laid out on a graph that assesses your interpretations of the flavour profile: if it’s bright and fruity; rich and dark; simple or complex. Users slide their finger over an interactive heat map defining the qualities they taste in the coffee they’re drinking. These thoughts are submitted and compared with the notes from other users, giving coffee drinkers an insight into what it is about that particular blend that they enjoy.

Their deep affinity with the coffee community has led them to spend the past year creating new innovations to bring that community closer together. For many, ourselves included, a cup of coffee isn’t just a beverage, it’s an experience. Allpress understands this and trains each cafe that uses their beans to prepare each coffee the Allpress way. This ensures that every cup consistently delivers the refined taste they’re known for. The new Flavour Finder will help people understand why they enjoy a certain style of coffee; while the new branding means that can identify it anywhere in the world to take home and share with their friends. This is at the heart of everything Allpress does, bringing people together through a shared love of coffee.

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