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Coming up with new ideas can sometimes seem impossible with so many options available when it comes to products, and more specifically, homewares. London-based designer, Philipe Malouin has done just that by creating Press Mirror, a completely unique, minimalist design for everyday use.

Malouin is an alumnus of the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven who, after working for esteemed English designer, Tom Dixon, started his own studio in 2008. His portfolio is filled with creations spanning furniture, textiles, art objects and even installations for some of the world’s leading brands. His use of unexpected forms and textures are combined with purpose and practicality to create a collection of works that are highly sought after.

The Press Mirror came about after experimenting with a metal cylinder in a vice while working on a shelving unit. The designer began to see how the material could yield another useable object and continued to refine the design. Now, as a fully-realised product, the metal cylinder acts as both a base and a handle, while the flattened top is polished to create a highly reflective surface that makes it an ideal hand mirror. Its seamless form and clean lines also make for an impressive piece of sculpture to be displayed when not in use. The Press Mirror is a collaboration with online design destination, Umbra Shift, who champion emerging and established designers alike to produce exclusive everyday items.

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Press Mirror Umbra ShiftPress Mirror Umbra Shift


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