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Staff Picks: Go-To Grooming Products

Whether it’s a quick morning shave or a more involved skincare regime, we all rely on our favourite products to keep us feeling clean and looking good. By following a simple daily grooming routine, your face, hair and body will be left feeling refreshed, healthy and ready for anything the day has in store. Here’s a few of the HEY GENTS team’s favourite grooming products right now…

gentSac Men's Grooming Baxter of California

As a big fan of Baxter of California‘s Clay Pomade, I was excited to get my hands on the brand’s newest offering, Clay Effect Style Spray. In essence, it’s a lightweight hairspray that contains natural ingredients like jojoba oil that provides essential nutrients and vitamins to the hair. The product is simple to use, and with just a few sprays worked through it holds my hair in place and leaves me with a textured, matte finish. For days when I need something a bit stronger, I can pair it with a pomade too.

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gentSac Men's Grooming Hunter Lab

Over the years I’ve tested multiple shaving creams, lotions and foams in an attempt to find the ideal product for my sensitive skin. Despite claims to prevent razor burn, they often leave me with dry, uncomfortable skin. I was surprised when, after shaving with Hunter Lab‘s Cleansing Shaving Foam, my face and neck were consistently clear of any inflammation or irritation. I found that quandong, desert lime and wattle seed are used to prepare and cleanse the face and neck prior to shaving. Tazman pepper, trehalose and natural vegetable glycerin provide intense moisture and offer immediate razor relief post shaving. These natural botanicals, along with its fresh scent, provide me with a smooth shaving experience.

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gentSac Men's Grooming The Groomed Man Co.

Regular visits to the hydrotherapy pool at the gym often leave my skin feeling quite dry. The Activated Charcoal And Bamboo Body Scrub from The Groomed Man Co. is my go-to for a thorough, full-body clean. The activated charcoal helps to balance my skin’s pH levels after soaking in the chlorinated water, actively absorbing dirt and other bacteria. It also helps to resolve any breakouts or skin impurities I may have. The jet-black scrub has a thick, gritty texture that makes me feel like I’ve received a body treatment at a day spa, while Australian sandalwood, cedarwood, mandarin and sweet orange leave behind a nice, subtle fragrance.

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gentSac Men's Grooming Triumph & Disaster

My morning grooming routine is simple, consisting of a face wash and scrub followed by applying moisturiser. I look for a few things when choosing a face moisturiser; the ability to rub in easily, a non-greasy formula and a nice scent. Ticking all those boxes and more, Gameface by Triumph & Disaster keeps my face feeling hydrated long into the workday. It’s refreshing ‘smoke and wood’ aroma is a result of unique essential oils and natural ingredients including horopito oil, ponga fern and vitamin E. Gameface is an ideal daily face moisturiser that balances and uplifts my skin while protecting it from the elements.

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Tip: A great way to cover all the skincare basics is by subscribing to a Face Time Kit. You’ll receive a face wash, face scrub and moisturiser automatically delivered to you as often as you need, and your kit can be customised at any time for a truly personalised grooming routine.


Staff Picks: Go-To Grooming Products


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