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Sony WF-SP700N Review | Lightweight Wireless Sport Earphones

Sony’s newest true wireless earphones, the WF-SP700N are aimed at those who want the most streamlined solution to take their music everywhere they go. From the gym, to the office and everywhere in between. We’ve been testing them recently to see how well they handle the wide range of applications they were designed for.

Design and Fit

Included in the box are two wireless ear-pieces, a charging case, replacement buds and fins, and a charging cable. The ear-pieces themselves are a bit larger in appearance when compared to some of the other wireless earphone options we’ve tested, such as the Apple AirPods. Having said that, its size is not a reflection of its weight, and are definitely lightweight enough to be worn during rigorous workout sessions. At first, they didn’t feel like they would sit securely in our ears, but after we attached the included fins, they stayed secure. The WF-SP700N are IPX4 sweat and splash resistant so you’ll be able to wear them for an intense workout or walking in the rain, but they won’t survive being submerged in water.

Sony WF-SP700N - Replacement TipSony WF-SP700N - Fins

Each bud has a single function button on the side; on the right bud is a play/pause button, while the button on the left side will let you cycle through noise cancellation settings. Both buttons also turn each bud on and off individually. The lack of volume controls is a little inconvenient, especially at the gym or if we wanted to keep our phone in our pockets. However, Sony will soon update the earphones with Google Assistant which will allow you alter the volume on the fly with your voice.

Sony WF-SP700N - Charging Case

The charging case is small enough to fit into a jeans pocket, and provides roughly two full charges of the earphones before it’s own battery ran out. On the back of the case is an NFC receiver which makes pairing the earphones incredibly simple if you own an Android phone. Just hold your phone against the logo and when prompted click pair, that’s it.


To access the WF-SP700N’s full set of features, just download Sony’s Headphone Connect app. Within the app, you can change parameters such as the EQ settings, and the noise cancellation type and level. At this stage there is no way to fully customise the EQ settings and you’re limited to a series of default presets included by Sony. Even though the presets are varied and each have their own distinct character, off, was our preferred setting. The Sony WF-SP700N excels with bass-heavy music. The bass is deeper and richer compared to some of their competitors and with the right song they could really power us through the end stages of a workout.

Also found in the app is an option to prioritise either sound or connection quality. There is a slight but noticeable drop in audio quality when you switch to prioritise the connection, but it was not too noticeable, especially when you’re focused on squat number 85. To Sony’s credit, this is an important feature that puts these earphones ahead of other brands as there’s nothing more jarring than your music cutting in and out while you’re trying to focus on a task.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation on the WF-SP700N is good, so as long as you’re not holding them to the same expectations as bigger over-ear headphones. In standard noise cancelling mode, you’ll notice the noise of your surroundings diminish, though not enough to totally disconnect from the environment. It’s sufficient for travelling on public transport or a workout if you’re not a fan of your gym’s playlist.

Sony WF-SP700N - Water Bottle

There are two ambient settings, normal and voice, that do sound quite similar with only subtle differences. Normal mode aims to let in more of your surroundings so you still have decent awareness of what’s around you, while Voice mode brings a little bit more background chatter into the mix. With either turned on we were able to hear louder frequencies like a siren or a car horn but they still did a decent job of negating other street noises.

Sony WF-SP700N Review | The Wrap Up

The Sony WF-SP700Ns are a comfortable set of wireless sports earphones that are sweat resistant for exercise and offer great sound quality next to many of their rivals. Add in the their noise-cancelling capability and they make a pretty compelling package.

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