NEWTIME time 2.1 double

Intuitive, Minimalist Aluminium Clock | NEWTIME time 2.1

Boutique creative studio REMI VAN OERS was conceived in 2010 following founder, Remi’s highly-awarded graduation from the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven. Gaining professional acclaim for his innovative design approach, he began producing works across a range of disciplines from product development through to furniture design and architecture. The studio’s latest invention, the NEWTIME time 2.1, is a reimagining of their previous minimalist clock, taking the design to a sophisticated new level.

NEWTIME time 2.1

Thoughtful, sustainable, and with the end user in mind, the designs of Remi Van Oers are disrupting the status quo by looking at unique ways to translate ideas into experiences. Their design process is based around more than pure aesthetics, instead, the studio is concerned with the longevity of their products and designs. By being involved in every step of the process, the design team are able to monitor the fine details of the concept right through to the way the end product functions and interacts with its user. This dedication to ownership and responsibility for what they’re producing leads to immense satisfaction for the designers, and innovative products that are meaningful for modern life.

NEWTIME time 2.1 front

The concept of time is something that we all inevitably encounter in our day-to-day lives, having learnt to interpret both digital and analog clocks as a way of keeping time. The NEWTIME time 2.1 offers a completely unique time-telling experience, boasting high-quality construction and premium materiality. The design strips back traditional numbers and lines, leaving behind a clean, simple aesthetic that is also completely functional. Remi Van Oers has extracted only the essentials; an orange indicator for the hour and a black indicator to represent the minute, that move around two separate faces of the clock.

Acknowledging a shift in society towards purposeful, conscious decisions, the studio’s choice to remove superfluous visual elements that add limited value helps users maintain a simple, positive relationship with their clock; an object that can sometimes be associated with stress or anxiety. The NEWTIME time 2.1 features layered faces that help to identify the time even easier than its predecessor. The hour indicator sits on a surface that is subtly recessed to provide a distinction between the front face that the minute appears on. The clock has been manufactured from a single piece of anodised aluminium casing that conceals the battery and time control; easily accessed by a single-push movement. Adding to the list of features is the clock’s ability to balance and align itself with or without its magnetic stand, making it easy to move around your home or office.

NEWTIME time 2.1 detail

The limited release design of the NEWTIME time 2.1 combines both form and function in a beautiful, simple way. Its thoughtful features, along with an updated sleek, silver design, make the pristine clock a premium, minimalist way to tell time.

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