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Bellroy Work Folio A4 Review | Cut Down on Clutter

Who needs a Bellroy Work Folio A4? Well, somewhere along the way between the countless journeys from our desks to meetings and back; we started to accumulate a substantial collection of loose receipts, notes, and business cards. At some point, a genuine solution was needed to store our work essentials and keep it all organised before it got out of hand. We wanted something compact that could carry everything securely and safely and would look professional and stylish while doing it too. A folio was the way to go, but not all folios are created equal. Some are too bulky, others couldn’t carry enough, and sometimes they looked or felt cheap. The one we found that did fit the bill was the Bellroy Work Folio A4. A refined, elegant solution that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Bellroy has built their reputation by crafting functional and beautiful products made from premium materials, and the Bellroy Work Folio A4 is no exception. From the moment we first opened the packaging and were greeted with the rich, earthy smell of fresh leather we knew a long relationship was on the cards. Both the cover and interior of the Work Folio A4 are covered in a soft, gold-rated leather, and is available in black or camel. Bellroy uses environmentally friendly practices to source their leather hides which are then dyed naturally, so each folio attains their own unique character as they age. The leather is also water resistant so it will cope with a light shower and keep your things dry, but don’t expect it to survive a downpour. The outer leather is complemented by light brown stitching, a heavy-grade zipper and a matching camel tab. It’s a minimalist’s dream, graced only with a small Bellroy logo embossed on the front.

The brilliance of the Bellroy Work Folio A4 is just how much you can fit inside without it becoming bulky. Often for meetings or events, we don’t need to take a whole backpack or briefcase. The Work Folio A4 is a great option to just grab and go while still carrying the essentials. Bellroy has designed it to be versatile so that you can organise it in a number of ways. The leather on the inside of the Work Folio A4 is accompanied by sustainably woven black elastics and fabrics, that are durable enough to withstand being constantly opened and closed as you add to your business card collection, pull your devices in and out, and rummage for the meetings notes that you would’ve lost before.

If we needed to take notes at a meeting, the right-hand side has space for an A4 sized notepad, but if you want to go smaller, they also offer the Bellroy Work Folio A5. It comes with a blank A4 notebook but was able to fit our preferred lined Rhodia notepads comfortably. If the meeting called for a paperless setup, the sleeve beneath could also carry a tablet or even a slim laptop like the new MacBook Pro, though it’s best to check if your specific device will fit because the pocket is not designed to carry laptops over a certain size. On occasions where we had no idea what to bring, the Bellroy Work Folio A4 had us covered, able to pack both a laptop and notebook and still zip it shut comfortably. This was something we took into consideration when deciding between the Work Folio A4 and Work Folio A5 as the latter version won’t be able to fit a large tablet at all so you’ll have to carry it externally.

On the left side of the open folio, you’ll find a leather utility holder, adorned the Bellroy logo, which we found was perfect for receipts, brochures and loose pieces of paper that needed to be organised later. Pull back the crease in the face to reveal three card holders which were best used to carry our own business cards, the cards collected from the people we’d met, and a company credit card for purchases; which were mainly coffee. Below that is another sleeve where another favourite, the Blank Hardcover Moleskin Notebook was stored; and three multipurpose elastic pockets. We’ve used them for phones, chargers, cables, hard drives, wallets, and keys. Because they’re stretchy, we’re sure to find more daily carry that’ll fit as we continue to use it.

The Bellroy Work Folio A4 continues to uphold the company’s reputation of producing premium products dedicated to making everyday carry less cluttered. The versatile and well thought out design meant it could carry a lot more than many of the other folios we’ve come across, but remained compact enough to fit in a suitcase or backpack. It also just looks beautiful, and lately, there’s rarely been a time where we haven’t had it under our arm heading to a meeting or event.

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