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Weekly Wishlist: Ceramic Homewares

Natural materials have dominated interior trends in recent years, with many of us looking to incorporate them into our homes through furniture and homewares. With a push towards artisanal products and an appreciation for handmade craftsmanship, we’re seeing an explosion of talented makers using the medium of ceramics to produce unique pieces that add an organic element to the home while providing a practical purpose. Here’s five of our favourite ceramic homewares right now…


Thrown Dessert Bowl – Damon Moonceramic homewares - jam

This hand-thrown bowl by Damon Moon is sure to bring enjoyment to any meal, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dessert. Its simple shape allows the beautiful glaze to stand out and they look just as good solo as they do stacked on a shelf.

Buy: Jam Factory


Japanese Swirl Plate – Provider Storeceramic homewares - provider

Made in Japan, this ceramic plate has been given a unique white swirl pattern glaze. This bespoke piece can be used as anything from a small fruit bowl to the ideal Sunday breakfast plate.

Buy: Provider Store


Planter S – Wingnut & Co.
ceramic homewares - wingnut

Combining the popularity of ceramic homewares and indoor plants, this simple stoneware planter is a nice way to introduce some greenery indoors, complete with a drainage hole and drip plate for convenience.

Buy: Wingnut & Co.


Ojai Ceramic Candle – Norden Goodsceramic homewares - OPUMO

Norden Goods craft their candles in ceramic containers to cut down on consumer waste. The Ojai candle gives off fragrances of cypress and patchouli, and the best part is having a handmade ceramic vessel to use as a cup or planter after you’re done burning the candle.

Buy: Opumo


Ceramic Mug – Dot and Co.ceramic homewares - DOTANDCO

This large, handmade stoneware mug is a great addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen with a speckled glaze and a raw, organic shape. It’s ideal for enjoying a warm drink slowly with a good book or magazine.

Buy: Dot and Co.


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