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Premium Customisable Wireless Headphones | Aedle VK-X

Aëdle was conceived in 2011 by two university friends with a shared passion for headphones who set about designing and producing a new standard in the field. They emerged quickly as a luxury French design house specialising in high-end audio and what they’ve dubbed “travel instruments” such as wallets, cardholders and sleeves. After four successful audio product designs, the launch of the VK-X Wireless Headphones marks their first wireless offering.

AEDLE VK-X Classic Brown

The VK-X Wireless Headphones by Aëdle are unique in that they are completely customisable. The Made To Order Edition allows you to select from a curated swatch book filled with beautiful lambskin leather samples and aluminium options ranging from Carbon Black to Champagne. The result is a custom, personalised pair of headphones that reflect your individual personality and taste. The Serie Edition has been designed to reflect the brand’s simple aesthetic and is offered in two timeless colours, Brown Classic and Black Legacy.

AEDLE VK-X Swatches

The use of honest materials is at the core of the brand’s identity, collaborating with the finest French partners. Aëdle sources genuine lambskin leather from the South of France that is flexible and soft enough to accommodate several hours of use in one sitting. The aircraft grade aluminium parts are moulded from a single piece of premium aluminium for a durable, precise finish. Assembled by hand in their Parisian workshop, the combination of these high-end materials make for a minimalist product with an industrial edge.

AEDLE VK-X Wireless Headphones Legacy Black

The simple, considered design continues throughout all elements of the headphones. Sleek multi-function buttons have been placed discreetly below the ear cups that make it possible to play and pause, adjust volume and make phone calls on both iOS and Android devices. The aluminium construction of the headphones keeps them light, while detachable earpads and a collapsible design makes for easy travel. Offering high-quality audio and active noise cancelling technology, the VK-X Wireless Headphones are capable of up to twenty-four hours of battery life.

AEDLE VK-X Lifestyle

After being funded in under twenty-four hours, Aëdle is presenting these premium headphones at a limited reduced price of US$369 before they are released to the public at US$649. To take advantage of the Made To Order Edition and receive a leather and aluminium sample book to choose from, an introductory price of US$50 has been offered. Combining timeless design and superior materials, the VK-X Wireless Headphones are a quality option for anyone seeking a premium audio experience.

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