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Product Focus: Big Top Barware Collection

Inspired by the rising culture of entertaining at home, product designers Youmeus started working on the Big Top Barware collection in 2016 that quickly became a hit while collaborating with glassware manufacturer Nude Glass. Their design response to an increase in more intimate private gatherings at home was to create a full barware collection that referenced the shapes and joy of the circus.

Taking a holistic approach to their work, Youmeus design products for the way people live and how they experience things. The Big Top Barware collection is more than just a functional way to mix drinks, but a way to capture the spontaneous spirit of acrobats and high-wire acts at home. The process of mixing drinks becomes more of a performance than a task and is an immersive experience for guests as well.

The collection focuses on both preparation and serving of drinks, with the preparation set including a shaker, strainer, jigger, bottle stop, stirrer and zester. The serving set is complete with a tray, glassware, ice cube bowl, tongs, straws and cocktail sticks. The shaker and accessories resemble a juggling pin when not in use, and the gold plated stainless steel finish means they’re a beautiful addition to any bar cart.

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