Tokyobike Classic Sport 26 Limited Saddle

Tokyobike Classic Sport 26 Limited

Tokybike was conceived in 2002 in Yanaka, a quiet suburb in Tokyo. Founder Ichiro Kanai noticed that people from the town moved at a slower pace than those in bustling cities, taking their time to enjoy life’s little pleasures. Tokyobike was inspired by this idea and began crafting bikes for people to move through the city with comfort and lightness in mind. Coining the term ‘Tokyo Slow’, their bikes are designed to encourage people to take the road less travelled and enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Tokyobike’s designs are light enough to carry, easy to ride and beautiful to look at.

Tokyobike Classic Sport 26 Limited

Finished with an elegant gloss black finish, the Tokyobike Classic Sport 26 Limited stands out for the right reasons. Featuring the signature classic silhouette and lightweight frame of the brand’s Classic Sport model, the limited edition version is designed for supreme comfort and is fitted with a premium Brooks leather saddle and matching grips that make for a comfortable ride and add to the sophisticated look.

The 8-Speed bike comes equipped with 26″ wheels for quick acceleration and the upright posture allows the rider to take in the surrounding sights while riding through the city. The Tokyobike Classic Sport 26 Limited is a sleek, stylish bike for those that appreciate classic design and are looking for extra comfort.

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