Sennheiser CX 6.00BT Wireless Earphones Review

For a long time, I’ve been too much of an audio purest to make a move to wireless headphones. The early iterations of Bluetooth earbuds that I did try promised a lot but delivered not so much. The convenience was enticing, but more often than not they were too bulky, had lacklustre battery life, and the sound quality itself wasn’t on par with their wired counterparts. Sennheiser’s new, budget-friendly CX 6.00BT earbuds are a perfect example of how far wireless earphones have come. Remedying all my earlier grievances while adding a few features that make a convincing case to switch.

Sennheiser CX 6.00BT Wireless Earphones Review


The first thing I noticed when I pulled the earbuds out of the box was how astonishingly lightweight they are. If you prefer earbuds because they’re more discreet than over-ear headphones you’ll appreciate their size. This doesn’t change when you have them on either and when there’s no audio playing it’s easy to forget that you’re even wearing them. Unlike wired options, there is no dangling cable to get snagged, so the buds will no longer be able to be ripped from your ears accidentally. On the right-hand side, the CX 6.00BT earbuds feature in-line controls for answering calls and volume adjustment. The buttons aren’t overly tactile, though the imprints on each button make them easy to identify.

In a portable set of earbuds a good fit is essential. Thankfully, Sennheiser has included four sizes of the replaceable rubber tips. I found the largest size worked best for me and it provided a tight, yet comfortable seal that adequately blocked out most background noise. There is also an adjustable clip on the back of the cable that lets you shorten it. This allows you to keep the cable taut which is crucial in stopping the earbuds from falling out of your ears.

Sennheiser CX 6.00BT Wireless Earphones Review


Despite their small package, Sennheiser has been able to pack the latest Bluetooth technology into the CX 6.00BTs, so they still perform at the same level you expect from Sennheiser products. They’re incredibly detailed and have a pretty even soundstage that was consistent no matter what musical genre I threw at them. The low-end isn’t as pronounced as the highs and mids, but unless you’re listening exclusively to bass-heavy styles of music, then you’ll appreciate the versatility of the CX 6.00BTs.

Sennheiser does offer a considerable amount of customisation to the earbuds sound with their CapTune app. However, I found that the flat EQ out of the box sounds best. Your opinion may differ as sound is so subjective, but it’s a handy included feature. It should be noted that the CapTune app won’t change the sound of the earbuds while using another music player like Apple Music, Google Play Music or Spotify.

Sennheiser CX 6.00BT Wireless Earphones Review

Battery Life

The CX 6.00BTs boast a six-hour battery life, and in my testing, I found that was pretty accurate. For the most part, it was enough to get me through my commute and some listening while in the office. If you do need more, they take roughly one-and-a-half hours to recharge to full. One thing I’ve found to be incredibly handy is the quick charge feature that allows you to get an extra two hours of battery from a quick ten-minute charge, perfect for when I’m low and need some juice to get me home.

Sennheiser CX 6.00BT Wireless Earphones Review

The Wrap Up – Sennheiser CX 6.00BT Wireless Earphones Review

The Sennheiser CX 6.00T wireless earphones are a compact and convenient wireless solution that doesn’t compromise on sound quality. Additionally, excellent battery life and reliable connectivity make these earbuds an appealing, affordable option.

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