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Swedish designers Wästberg take lighting seriously. They believe it’s a basic human need that, until now, has been overlooked. Through relatively fast advances in technology, they state that light and electricity has become cold and sterile, particularly in public spaces and offices. Wästberg’s goal is to bring back a sense of humanity to light, and believes beautiful and functional lighting is key to a sense of well being. The Busby w152 lamp is a minimalist, contemporary design that aims to achieve that crucial connection between humans and light.

The Busby w152 is an electronic lamp that provides power to multiple electronic devices from three built-in USB ports. The lamp takes light and electronics and fuses them together to create something both beautiful and extremely practical. Despite its technical achievements, the designers envisioned the lamp as an extension of modern life rather than a tech gadget. Wästberg has tuned in to the fact that a staggering amount of people carry with them an electronic device at all times. Where there is a need for a lamp, there is presumably a need for personal devices to be charged simultaneously.

The aluminium lamp provides up to 3 Amps of power, which is enough to charge a laptop computer at the same time as other devices. It is able to detect the amount of power any given device needs in order to charge it as fast as possible, while the highly energy-efficient LED light gives off a warm white light, which is ideal for a pleasant working environment. The Busby w152 lamp is available as a wall-mounted option, as well as freestanding with a flat or rounded head. The slim, sleek design means the lamp is portable, able to sit in any environment without visually disrupting a space.

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