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Panasonic Unveils OLED TV Range And Smart Speaker

We recently attended the launch of Panasonic‘s new 2018 product line-up. They’ve added four new models to their Panasonic OLED TV collection, the FZ1000 and FZ950 in two different sizes, promising a premium cinema experience at home. They also the released their first smart speaker with Google Assistant built-in.


Panasonic OLED TV’s

Panasonic has been working with industry experts in Hollywood for over twenty years to fine tune their technologies and gain feedback from professionals who use their screens to produce films. Both the OLED FZ1000 and FZ950 models have the latest enhancements to Panasonic’s Hollywood Cinema Experience which aims to give users the best possible picture quality and colour accuracy, showing movies in the way the filmmakers intended.

All of the new Panasonic OLED TV’s feature an Absolute Black Filter that absorbs ambient light, eliminating reflections and providing accurate black levels. Other areas such as dark shadows and bright highlights are also more accurate due to advancements made to its 4k HDR technology.

The top-level FZ1000 model has an upgraded Dynamic Blade Speaker that was created in collaboration with engineers from Technics. The integrated speaker has been given a 40 percent volume increase for those that are looking for an immersive cinema experience at home, and the sound blade can be wall mounted flush with the TV for a streamlined look.

Both models in the Panasonic OLED TV series are available in 55-inch and 65-inch screen sizes. Every Panasonic’s 2018 smart TV has been upgraded to a new operating system called My Home Screen 3.0 that lets users navigate their favourite streaming apps such as YouTube and Netflix faster than before.

Panasonic FZ100-Room-Close - Panasonic OLED TVPanasonic-FZ100-Angle - Panasonic OLED TV


Panasonic is expanding their range of 4k LED LCD TV’s with increased picture quality across the board. 4K HDR panels deliver improved backlight dimming and more powerful video processing in the new models. Most of the 4K Pro series will be available in sizes up to 65-inches with the FX780 being the only 75-inch screen available this release; all models will become available over the coming months.

The Panasonic FX800 Series is the top of the range LCD model and is powered by the same 4k processor as the OLED TV’s and has class-leading image quality levels with a local brightness increase of twenty percent. The FX780 model with its 75-inch screen is ideal for people looking to experience the feeling of a cinema at home. Both the FX800 and FX780 models have fast 200 Hertz panels and come with dedicated modes such as sports mode and game mode which provide quick response times and smooth motion for fast-moving scenes.

The FX700 Series is a small step down from the Panasonic LCD flagship, with 100 Hertz screens but still delivers accurate, natural images. It features a streamlined metal surround for a simple aesthetic. FX600 models are a bit more economical than the former and have Adaptive Backlight Dimming which delivers deep black scenes and rich contrast.

Panasonic has also added a mini soundbar to its line-up of new products that pairs with the FX700 and FX600 Series TVs for an enhanced viewing experience. It features a slim profile and the wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere in a room, also offering wireless Bluetooth for music streaming.

Panasonic-FX800-Room - Panasonic OLED TVPanasonic-FX800-Side - Panasonic OLED TV


Smart Speaker with Google Assistant

This year, Panasonic has also launched their first smart speaker, the SC-GA10 with Google Assistant built-in. The company spent time researching the patterns of smart speaker owners and found that sixty-five percent of them are using it mostly for listening to music. Music lovers should be happy with this new speaker which offers balanced audio with a strong bass and distortion-free treble. Along with the speaker, they released a new Music Control App which lets users play music from their smartphone or tablet.

The exciting part of the SC-GA10 speaker is the built-in Google Assistant feature. The new smart speaker from Panasonic will have access to all Google Assistant commands, including control of smart devices such as smart lights and temperature controls in the home. Google Assistant is great at answering questions about weather, traffic and an endless list of other topics. Because it will mostly be used for playing music, it’s great that it supports all streaming services such as Spotify and Google Play Music.

The design of the speaker is attractive, made to fit into homes seamlessly without standing out too much. The base is made of aluminium and the body features a fabric mesh overlay. They’ve kept things simple with the overall design, and it comes with the option of a black or white speaker which should appeal to a wide range of people.

The SC-GA10 also has three bigger brothers that are great options for anyone looking for a more premium music experience. They have 8cm full-range speakers that will fill the room with distortion-free sound, and when connected to the SC-GA10 smart speaker can be voice controlled.

Panasonic-SC-GA10-Room - Panasonic OLED TV

We’re impressed by Panasonic’s new range, especially the OLED TV’s which we’re looking forward to getting our hands on. The colours we witnessed were beautiful and deep, perfect for a movie night at home. If the OLED models aren’t in your budget, the FX700 and FX800 ranges are still quality options at more affordable prices.

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