FEATHERSTON House GARDEN - Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants | 5 Houses That Bring The Outdoors In

Indoor plants are the must-have interior accessory at the moment, and for good reason. Using greenery inside can add colour and texture to a neutral interior space, and some plants can even help to purify the air. These five homes have incorporated plants into their interior spaces for style, wellbeing and privacy.


Three Gardens House By AGi Architects
3 GARDENS EXTERIOR - Indoor Plants3-GARDENS-INTERIOR - Indoor Plants

This house in Kuwait posed a serious design challenge – to build a home with spaces that could be used throughout the year despite the hot, dry climate. AGi Architects came up with a design that has three separate garden levels, including a courtyard four metres below street level for particularly hot days. White tiles were chosen to cover most of the interior to reflect light without heating up. Aluminium cladding protects outdoor spaces from harsh sunlight throughout the day. The abundance of indoor plants also provide shade and create a tropical oasis inside, a stark contrast to the dry outdoor environment.

Photography by Fernando Guerra | FG+SG.

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Casa Maracana by Terra e Tuma

This concrete house in São Paulo, Brazil reels you in from the beginning. It’s quirky architecture and custom mural set it apart from its neighbours. Beyond the concrete blocks and black frames, the glass void and tropical front garden give an insight of what’s to come. The architects have incorporated courtyards into the living spaces that feel like an extension of the rooms rather than separate spaces. Lush planting gives the eye a rest from the grey palette and really lifts the whole aesthetic. Because the home is so open, some of the taller plants and hanging vines give the owners shade and privacy from the street.

Photography by Pedro Kok.

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Featherston House by Robin BoydFEATHERSTON House GARDEN - Indoor Plants FEATHERSTON House INTERIOR - Indoor Plants

Featherston House by Robin Boyd is an Australian classic that was ahead of its time when it was built in 1967. The main feature of this home is the garden that sits alongside the living room, which was a requirement from the clients. Their appreciation for nature meant that a connection to the outdoors was very important, so the architect created a wonderland of indoor plants with low ferns and tall hanging vines that climb the brick walls inside. Floor-to-ceiling windows also give uninterrupted access to the bush views from other levels within the house.

Photography by Lauren Bamford.

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The Drawers House by MIA Architects
Drawers House Hanging Plants | Indoor PlantsDRAWERS-HOUSE-INTERIOR - Indoor Plants

The family of this house in Taiwan are nature lovers, so a connection to their outdoor gardens was a vital part of the brief. MIA Design Studio designed the house to be basically invisible from the street with only a door in sight. Creeping plants run the entire length of the house with a thin shaft of light illuminating them, directing people through the long hallway. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors giving unique views of indoor plants that are scattered throughout the house.

Photography by Hiroyuki Oki.

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House H By Kamakura Studio
H HOUSE MEZZANINE - Indoor PlantsH-HOUSE-POTS - Indoor Plants

Architects KamakuraStudio turned this dark, gloomy house into a modern home that has the feeling of a greenhouse. They did this by tilting the roof towards the sun and replacing it with a white reflective material. A mezzanine level now holds a variety of potted indoor plants that benefit from the sunlight, and they can all be seen from the lower level via reflections on the ceiling. This gives the illusion of more space and light, resulting in a serene environment for the residents.

Photography by Nacasa & Partners.

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