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Matte Black Chalet In Quebec Woodlands

Emerging from its woodland surroundings Grand Pic Chalet by Appareil Architecture blends in seamlessly with its location. The black chalet in Quebec is made up of two buildings, the main house and accompanying cabin which are linked by an outdoor deck. Both buildings are covered in the same matte black vertical cladding, reflecting the shape of the tall surrounding trees. The striking black colour choice is eye-catching, and huge windows give a preview of the minimalist interiors.

In contrast to the deep hue of the exterior, the interior spaces are bright and spacious with a restrained palette of plywood, white panelling and black features. The windows throughout provide uninterrupted views of the dense green surrounds and give a burst of colour to the neutral rooms. The walls are void of art or decoration, with woodland vistas acting as focal points instead. The simple furniture selections stay true to the clean aesthetic and provide a sense of comfort and functionality to the residents.

The architects have nailed the brief of allowing the owners of the house to host their family and friends while remaining connected at all times to the environment. The living space, while pared back, encourages people to come together around the freestanding fireplace. By providing separate dwellings and an abundance of internal space, guests are able to feel welcome while maintaining a sense of privacy. This black chalet in Quebec has been designed in collaboration with its natural setting and acts as a stylish and comfortable year-round retreat.

Photography by Félix Michaud.

visit: Appareil Architecture

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