SQDAthletica Kinesis Collection | Landscape Photography Meets Athletic Wear

Landscape Photography Meets Men’s Athletic Wear | SQDAthletica Kinesis Collection

Seeing the ocean — be it through an intermediary or glistening right there in front of you — is soothing and inspiring. The gentle crashing of waves turning water from deep blues to creamy white is undoubtedly tranquil to witness. Landscape photographer William Patino has a way of capturing the details of the ocean that allows you appreciate it on a whole new level. An image that William shot of the water at Wollongong, NSW, has inspired a new collection of athletic wear by Brisbane-based SQDAthletica.

SQDAthletica Kinesis Collection

Called Kinesis, the new collection features training shorts, a t-shirt, and an anorak, all adorned with a print of William’s sublime photograph. The Brand Tee takes on the most subtle form of the print; it’s largely white with SQDAthletica’s logo overlayed with the ocean imagery. The sleeve also features William’s signature. Being lightweight and a cotton blend, this t-shirt is great for training or just everyday wear. The Habitat 9″ Training Shorts are an ideal all-rounder pair. They’re lightweight and water-resistant, made from a flex fabric and with a comfort fit waistband. These shorts feel just as home in the pool or surf as they do in the gym. Featuring the ocean print all over, the shorts have a unique, modern aesthetic. The Atlas Anorak is your ultimate wet-weather saviour. It’s ideal when you’re heading out for a run and need an extra, light layer or if it’s raining. In addition to being water-resistant, the anorak also has a hoodie with a peak, so it’ll keep the rain off your face too. It packs into itself so is great for travel.

SQDAthletica Kinesis Collection | Landscape Photography Meets Athletic WearSQDAthletica Kinesis Collection | Landscape Photography Meets Athletic Wear

SQDAthletica x William Patino

Before discovering his insane talent for landscape photography, William was an air conditioner tech in Wollongong. It was during a particularly dark time in his life that he decided to pick up a camera and try something new and creative – a mental escape of sorts. Six years later he’s now one of Australia’s most sought-after landscape photographers. He’s worked with the likes of Apple, Samsung, and National Geographic, as well as multiple local and international tourism boards.

William’s story really resonated with SQDAthletica. The idea behind the brand is to help guys find balance in their lives, both mentally and physically, so they felt a strong connection with the photographer. The brand’s Creative Director, Colin Wyatt, dubbed William’s photograph and the subsequent collection Kinesis because the image made him think of movement and motion.

SQDAthletica Kinesis Collection | Landscape Photography Meets Athletic Wear

“I selected the image as it reminds me visually of one of my core design principles when designing
SQDAthletica products – flow and movement,” Colin said. “Will’s image inspires people to move and get
outside. It inspires people to get away from the usual status quo.”

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