Impressive Sculptural Home In Chippendale

Indigo Slam is an incredible house that’s fit for a billionaire. In fact, it belongs to the billionaire owner of White Rabbit Gallery in the inner-Sydney suburb of Chippendale. The house was designed in 2016 no intention of fitting in with the crowd. In fact, Smart Design Studio have done quite the opposite, designing the building to stand out from its neighbours and provide a sculptural masterpiece for the newly rejuvenated suburb to admire.

The house, known as Indigo Slam, has been designed to stand the test of time. The brief was for the home to last 100 years, and to become a fixture of Chippendale as it continues to grow. Concrete, steel, glass, marble and bricks are the materials that are featured heavily to achieve that goal. As a former warehouse, these elements are also a nod to the site’s industrial past. Once you get your head wrapped around the facade, a combination of wave-like concrete curves and tall glass windows, the interior is even more breathtaking. It features a three-storey staircase hall, with muted brick pavers chosen for the floor. Rendered white walls bounce the sun around from various windows and skylights, the architects stating that the main decorative element throughout the home is light. Looking up, the building looks like it’s been folded from paper, with curved cut-outs in the ceiling to let as much sun into the building as possible.

As you move through the winding building, you find a mix of formal and smaller, informal living areas. A huge dining hall fit for sixty guests was a requirement from the client. An otherwise stark kitchen is impressive, with part of a wall being curved to accommodate a low window, and to mimic the hidden skylight above. On the first floor you’ll find the bedrooms, all with park views. Every piece of furniture was custom made for the home, giving it a unique edge.

Indigo Slam is a truly impressive building that will continue to grow with its new community for years to come.

Photography by Sharrin Rees.

visit: Smart Design Studio

A Living Sculpture | Indigo Slam

A Living Sculpture | Indigo Slam

A Living Sculpture | Indigo Slam

A Living Sculpture | Indigo Slam

A Living Sculpture | Indigo Slam

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