How To Buy And Sell A Car Online

How To Buy & Sell A Car Online

When it comes to buying a second-hand car, you have a few options. You can go out to a dealership, scour the streets for a car with a “For Sale” sign in the window, or, better yet, head online. Of course, the latter option is going to give you the most choice and convenience. Especially Gumtree, which has over 100,000 vehicles to choose from — even ones from dealers themselves. Gumtree’s search function is simple and intuitive so it’s easy to find the right car for you.

Conversely, if you’re selling your car, you want to put it out there where the people are. With countless people perusing Gumtree daily, there’s going to be a lot of potential buyers looking at your set of wheels.

Below we outline a few tips and tricks about how to buy and sell a car online…

How To Buy And Sell A Car Online



It’s likely that you already know the kind of car you want, but take a little time to research the key things you should look out for with that particular model, its competitors, and about how much you should expect to pay.


Figure out how much money you’re willing to spend on your new ride. Ensure you don’t go above budget by setting your price range during your Gumtree search. It’ll help you keep focused on what you’re really after, and you won’t waste too much time lusting after that beautiful Tesla you can’t afford (yet).

Save Your Search

If you’re looking for something specific, Gumtree’s handy save search function is a terrific tool to use. When you search for and save a particular keyword or location, you’ll receive an e-mail whenever something that matches is listed. So when the specific model of BMW you want comes up in your area, you’ll know immediately.

How To Buy And Sell A Car Online

Ask Questions

Seen something you like? Get in touch with the seller and quiz them about the car. Why are they selling it? How long have they had it? Are they a smoker who enjoys lighting one up mid-drive? What condition is the car in? This kind of information might not be listed in the description, but they’re all valid things you should know. Use the Gumtree My Messages feature to easily contact the seller.


Negotiating the price of a car is the done thing. Everyone expects it to happen. If you’re not happy with the asking price, offer something lower, but don’t be unrealistic – nobody likes a lowballer. Here your previous research will come in handy. Leverage the price of similar vehicles to help your negotiations.

Meet In Person

Time to see your potential new car in person? Meet it, and the seller, at a mechanic if you can. This allows you to get it professionally checked out on the spot. Ensuring the safety of its community is Gumtree’s main priority, so always meet in a public space if possible and take a friend along with you. Face to face payments are also encouraged.

How To Buy And Sell A Car Online



When you’re the seller, you’ve still got to do your research. See how much similar cars to yours are going for, and base your price around those. Be realistic, but leave room to negotiate.

Be Descriptive

If your buyer is following our advice, they’re going to inundate you with questions about your car. Pre-empt this by featuring a detailed description in your listing. Of course you want to make it sound great, but be upfront with any faults too.

List things like how many kilometres it’s done, if it has rego left, why you’re selling it. The more information you include, the more likely it is you’ll be contacted about it.

How To Buy And Sell A Car Online


People will be more inclined to click on your listing if there are high-quality photos in it. It’ll also help your car stand out from the rest. Get shots with different angles, both inside and out. If you mention something specific in your listing, including a picture of it too is super helpful to buyers.

Manage Your Listing

Keep on top of your listing daily and respond to messages from potential buyers quickly. The Gumtree app is an easy way to do this on the go; check your messages and update your listing if you need to. If you want to give it more of a push, you can even buy an upgrade for the listing through the app to help it stick out from the others.

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