5 Impressive Staircases

5 Impressive Staircases From Around The World

Rather than being relegated to a purely functional element of a house, a well-designed staircase can really take a home to the next level — in more ways than one. We set about finding a few examples of impressive staircases in homes around the world that significantly elevate the look of a space…


House In Akitsu by Kazunori Fujimoto Architects5 Impressive Staircases

Standing tall near the Seto Inland Sea, this modern house in Hiroshima is an ode to concrete. Inside and out, the natural material is left raw, giving the house a clean, contemporary look. The spiralling staircase linking the levels is the only apparent curve in the house, though the razor-sharp lines in its edges allow it to fit in easily with the rest of the space.

Architects: Kazunori Fujimoto Architects. Photographs: Kazunori Fujimoto.


C-51 House by Ábaton Arquitectura5 Impressive Staircases

The concrete staircase in this house in Spain appears to defy gravity. It floats up from an elevated doorway to the upper level of the house sans any kind of base. A few marble blocks form the steps at the bottom. One of the best things about this set of stairs is that it’s unpolished and left raw, while the rest of the house is all clean, white lines. This allows it to stand out, almost like a sculptural piece in its own right.

Architects: Ábaton Arquitectura. Photographs: Ábaton Arquitectura.


Annandale House by Welsh + Major5 Impressive Staircases

A concrete staircase forms the centrepiece of this house extension in Sydney. Originally a single storey cottage, the architects at Welsh + Major expanded the rear of the home into a two-level living space. Bathed in natural light, the staircase features a great slab of green marble as the final step on the lower level, offering a cool contrast with the concrete.

Architects: Welsh + Major. Photographs: Michael Nicholson


House in Byoubugaura by Takeshi Hosaka5 Impressive Staircases

A spiral, floating staircase connects the three levels of this house in Yokohama, Japan. A metal element in a home of timber and concrete, the staircase winds up through the warped holes cut into the floors/ceilings. The house at large features a really clever design, whereby the architects crafted it to allow the inhabitants privacy from neighbours, while also enjoying a cross breeze and plenty of natural light.

Architects: Takeshi Hosaka. Photographs: Koji Fujii


Sturlasgade by JAC Studios5 Impressive Staircases

Though this entire apartment in Copenhagen is stunning, its staircase is one of its standout features. There are two parts to it; a seemingly levitating set that’s actually suspended by steel poles from the first floor, plus five terrazzo blocks that decrease in size as you go up. The unique design and contrasting colours and materials make the staircase a focal point in the space.

Architects: JAC Studios. Photographs: Karina Tengberg


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