Home Office Essentials For A Minimal & Productive Space

Home Office Essentials

Now more than ever workers are ditching the office and setting up shop at home. Thanks to online communication channels and collaboration tools, it’s never been so easy to work remotely. If you’re a freelancer or work for yourself then you already know the importance of creating a separate space in your home where you can focus and be productive. Not sure where to start? Check out some of our home office essentials for a functionally minimal space that fosters productivity…


First Things First… The Desk
Home Office Essentials For A Minimal & Productive Space

First things first, you need something to work on, literally, i.e. a desk. Reminiscent of school desks but way nicer, HAY’s Copenhague Desk is a great starting point for your home office. It has a simple design, thought up by designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The desk is available in different colours, finishes, and materials, so you can customise to suit your new working space.

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An Ergonomic Chair
Home Office Essentials For A Minimal & Productive Space

We’re all well aware of the potential dangers that sitting down for prolonged periods can pose to our bodies. The thing is, when you have a desk job, your options are limited. If you’ve got to sit, do it ergonomically and in style. Herman Miller’s Sayl Chair is just the ticket. It provides terrific back support, has a comfortable seat, and can be adjusted in a myriad of ways for ultimate comfort.

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A Monitor StandHome Office Essentials For A Minimal & Productive Space

Having your computer monitor at eye-level is the best position for it. This way you’re not putting any strain on your neck angling it up or down, which in turn could lead to back issues. Pallo’s Woody Computer Desk is a good choice of monitor stand; not only does it look super sleek, but it also features a number of USB hubs, a charging port, and card reader too. Its elevated design maximises your desk space by letting you store stuff underneath it, like your keyboard and mouse when you’re done for the day. Its non-skid rubber feet protects your desk from scratches and scuff marks while also keeping the computer desk in place.

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A Coffee Maker
Home Office Essentials For A Minimal & Productive Space

One of the perks of working from home is that you’re probably not going to spend loads of money on cafe lunches and takeaway coffees all the time. Last night’s leftovers will suffice for lunch, but as far as coffee goes, instant isn’t going to cut it every day. Enter Stelton’s sleek EM Press Coffee Maker. The French press style brewer can make up to 8 cups a day and is double walled so it’ll keep the coffee hot for a long time too.

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A Mouse PadHome Office Essentials For A Minimal & Productive Space

Get rid of that square of old, peeling rubber that you’ve had for far too long and pick up Killspencer’s premium leather Mouse Pad instead. It’s crafted from bullhide leather, which is tough, thick, and durable. Natural markings and blemishes are part and parcel with the material, making these pieces all the more special. It’s a great way of elevating your working space.

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A Blank Canvas
Home Office Essentials For A Minimal & Productive Space

George & Willy’s Daily Roller is an easy way to keep track of your thoughts and ideas, whether it hosts your entire to-do list, or just a quote that you like. Available in either matte black or white powder coated aluminium, the wall-mounted roller is easy to install yourself. It also comes with a roll of brown kraft paper so you can get started on your notes straight away.

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A Water Vessel
Home Office Essentials For A Minimal & Productive Space

Dehydration can lead to all manner of health troubles, not to mention the fact that it’ll make you feel tired and sluggish during the day. Menu’s Water Bottle is crafted from mouth-blown, thick-walled glass and has a premium brass lid. You won’t forget to stay hydrated when you have such a stylish carafe perched in front of you.

Buy: Simple Form


A Notebook
Home Office Essentials For A Minimal & Productive Space

Jot down your notes in style with Bellroy’s Notebook Cover. It’s made from premium, environmentally certified leather, and can hold an A5-sized notebook. It also has a pen holder and space for a small tablet or e-reader and a few cards; perfect if you’re heading out for a meeting.

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A Computer
Home Office Essentials For A Minimal & Productive Space

A computer is probably the most important thing you need in your home office. Whatever type of work you’re doing in there, it’s likely the Apple iMac Pro will enhance it. It features the most advanced graphics, memory, processors, and storage a Mac has ever had. Plus it has a 5k Retina display, so you can really get into the details of your work. Not to mention the fact that it looks totally sleek.

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A Wall Clock
Home Office Essentials For A Minimal & Productive Space

When you work from home, and especially when you work for yourself, it can be hard to distinguish between work time and home time. Sure, it’s 6 p.m and you’d normally leave the office now, but at home you kind of just… keep going. Stay on top of your time with LEFF Amsterdam’s stunning Tone Wall Clock. With a monochrome colourway and combination of matte and glossy finishes, it’s a sleek way of managing your time.

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A SpeakerHome Office Essentials For A Minimal & Productive Space

Whether it’s something chill in the background when you need to focus or something a little more upbeat, whatever your music of choice is, a good quality speaker is definitely a home office essential. The Sonos One is a great option for this. You can easily stream your tunes through WiFi, plus connect it to other Sonos speakers in your place for a multi-room set-up.

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