5 Of The Best Concrete Interiors

House Goals | 5 Incredible Concrete Interiors

When done right, the use of concrete in a home’s interior architecture can make a space look elegant, minimal, and modern. Whether it’s used subtly or as the primary material in a design scheme, concrete adds a sleek industrial aesthetic. Check out five of the best concrete interiors (in our humble opinion) in the houses below…


Project BK By JUMA Architects5 Of The Best Concrete Interiors 5 Of The Best Concrete Interiors

Project BK is the renovation of a farmhouse in Afsnee, Belgium. JUMA Architects artfully balanced the preservation of existing, older elements of the house with a more modern interior. This is best seen in the guest bathroom, where the existing bluestone sink was retained and placed on a contemporary black column. It’s in another one of the house’s bathrooms that uses concrete so well. The light grey shade of the exposed concrete wall beautifully reflects all the natural light pouring in through the bathroom windows. Matte black shower fittings and a white tub complement it nicely, making for an elegant modern space.

Photographed by Annick Vernimmen.


Kew House By McLaren.Excell5 Of The Best Concrete Interiors5 Of The Best Concrete Interiors

Architecture firm McLaren.Excell have renovated this Victorian home in London, completely updating the interior and adding an extension to the back. Concrete is found throughout the house, with polished concrete floors, a well-crafted kitchen island, countertops, and backsplash, as well as in the bathroom. The material is balanced nicely with wooden cupboards and panelling, which adds warmth to all of the spaces.

Photographed by Simone Bossi.


C Penthouse By Vincent Van Duysen5 Of The Best Concrete Interiors 5 Of The Best Concrete Interiors

This huge loft style apartment in Antwerp, Belgium by Vincent Van Duysen uses concrete, as well as timber, in homage to the old warehouses found in the city. Concrete is left bare in many of the apartment’s floors and ceilings, which gives the whole space a minimal and contemporary look, contrasted by the rustic appearance of the timber used. The modern bathroom is capped off with matte black fittings and even a concrete tub.

Photographed by Koen Van Damme.


Beach Avenue By Schulberg Demkiw Architects5 Of The Best Concrete Interiors 5 Of The Best Concrete Interiors

The use of concrete in the Beach Avenue project by Schulberg Demkiw Architects, was both an aesthetic choice, as well as a functional one. It forms some of the walls and flooring in the Elwood, Victoria house; mostly in the downstairs living space, kitchen, and bathroom. The concrete is used to heat and cool the rest of the house efficiently, by ‘releasing’ stored heat into the rooms above at night time.

Photographed by Derek Swalwell.


House of Yards By Marte.Marte Architects

5 Of The Best Concrete Interiors 5 Of The Best Concrete Interiors

This abundance of concrete in this stunning residence by Marte.Marte Architects in Austria is balanced perfectly by warming timber elements, like floors, walls, cabinets, and the kitchen island. The exterior is largely exposed concrete, which carried over to the interior as well. The standout element is the fireplace built directly into a concrete pillar between the kitchen and living space.

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