5 Awesome Uses Of The Sennheiser AMBEO SMART HEADSET
5 Awesome Uses Of The Sennheiser AMBEO SMART HEADSET

5 Awesome Uses Of The Sennheiser AMBEO SMART HEADSET

The release of Sennheiser’s AMBEO SMART HEADSET in 2017 marked a new era for personal audio recording. It meant that anyone could easily record high-quality 3D sound, all with a lightweight and compact headset. Armed with an iPhone and the Sennheiser headset, you can create detailed audio soundscapes that don’t require any kind of pro equipment or editing knowledge at all. Check out 5 awesome uses of the Sennheiser AMBEO SMART HEADSET below, and click here to read a bit more about the innovative product and its features…

5 Awesome Uses Of The Sennheiser AMBEO SMART HEADSET


With cameras in smartphones only increasing in quality in each new release, the need to carry a separate camera for vlogging is slowly decreasing. The release of the Sennheiser AMBEO SMART HEADSET only strengthens this. It’s great if you’re just starting out or not the best with tech as well since there’s no set-up required; you just plug it directly into your iPhone and it does its thing as soon as you start taking a video.

Create Soundscapes

There’s a reason why so many people fall asleep to ambient soundscapes of tranquil forests and rain falling. Having these sounds softly playing around you can be super calming, making it easier to relax and fall asleep. The AMBEO SMART HEADSET makes it easy to create your very own. Whether it’s the sound of waves crashing at your favourite beach, or the calls of birds that are only found around where you live, you can easily make epic soundscapes that are personal to you. One of the coolest things about the headset is that it has omnidirectional microphones in each of the earpieces. This means that it accurately records the direction sound is coming from. The resulting audio is far more detailed than what you’d get from other personal recording devices.

When Travelling

Videos allow you to capture more detail and dimension in a place than a still photo. Videos with 3D sound take this to the next level. While watching footage can make you recall being in a certain place, hearing the detailed sounds experienced will really transport you back there. This is why the Sennheiser AMBEO SMART HEADSET is such an ideal accessory to take travelling. Imagine not only seeing the lights of New York City again, but hearing the throng of people around you, the cars in traffic near you, beeping their horns – exactly as your own ears heard them. Or the street vendors at night markets in Hanoi, calling out as you walk through narrow paths, or the call to prayer in Dubai. Sound is powerful when it comes to evoking memories, and using the Sennheiser headset can really elevate your holiday footage.

5 Awesome Uses Of The Sennheiser AMBEO SMART HEADSET

At A Concert

Everyone knows what phone quality video recordings of concerts sound like. The audio is distorted and the only thing you can hear somewhat clearly is a poorly bellowed rendition of whatever song is being performed by the person standing next to you. It’s really not so pleasant to listen back to afterward. The Sennheiser AMBEO SMART HEADSET, though, is just the ticket for recording audio that actually resembles what the band onstage is playing. It even has what Sennheiser calls a Smart Slider, so you can adjust the mic sensitivity to either normal or loud. At a concert, you’d opt for the former choice, which would result in clear and dynamic sound that you want to hear again. The headset also features a Transparent Hearing function. Either through the app or the rocker switch, you can reduce the level of surrounding sound you hear through the headset. At a concert, you’d have it at the lowest level. This would protect your hearing in the same way that earplugs would, without compromising sound quality.

As Headphones

Apart from being able to record audio, the Sennheiser AMBEO SMART HEADSET also doubles as a quality set of headphones to pair with your iPhone. Over the years, the brand has rightfully gained a reputation for crafting headphones that deliver premium sound, and this headset upholds it. There’s also an additional in-line microphone that allows you to make and take phone calls too. Audio quality is high and clear and, with a special ear hook design, the earbuds remain stable and comfortable.

As headphones, the AMBEO SMART HEADSET’s Active Noise Cancellation feature is most useful. The ambient sound around you is processed through the omnidirectional microphones and unwanted low-frequency noises are cancelled out. Think sounds like airplane engines or the air conditioning in your office. On the other hand, you can also choose to let environmental sounds in, allowing you to stay safe when you’re outside and near traffic.

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This article was produced by HEY GENTS in collaboration with Sennheiser.

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