A Short Guide To Summer Beers & Ciders
A Short Guide To Summer Beers & Ciders

The Summer Hit List: Beers & Ciders To Try This Summer

The time of warm weather and cold drinks is definitely upon us, as is the season of outdoor entertaining and parties. What better way to enjoy an Australian summer than with a frosty beer or crisp cider in hand? With that in mind, we’ve put together a little guide to help decide which is the best summer sipper for you.



Thanks to the hugely booming craft beer industry of recent years, we now have a multitude of different types of beer available to us these days. The classics, though, are classic for a reason. Below we outline a few of the best traditional styles of beer for summer…

– Pale Ale

Pale Ales make for a super sessionable beer i.e. you can easily consume a number of them in a sitting; ideal for afternoon BBQs. The style gets its name from the pale malts and specialty malts that are combined to craft it. Pale ales have a slightly fruity bitterness and malty sweetness to them, which also allows them to be easily paired with a variety of foods.

Try: John Boston Pale Ale 

Best served: 10 minutes out of the fridge

Eat with: Beer battered flathead

A Short Guide To Summer Beers & Ciders

– Golden Ale

The Golden Ale is on the lower end of the bitterness scale, so it’s a good choice if you’re not a big beer drinker. With a crisp and dry flavour and a slight hint of fruitiness and sweetness, Golden Ales make for a refreshing, thirst quenching drink in the heat.

Try: John Boston Golden Ale

Best served: 5 minutes out of the fridge

– Lager

No beer style says summer in Australia quite like the classic Lager. Mellow, smooth, and above all, refreshing, Lagers have a mild taste and are optimal when they’re consumed completely cold. A great choice for nearly all occasions, this style is also easy to pair with different meals.

Try: Dos Equis, Chang Beer

Best served: Straight out of the fridge

Eat with: Guacamole & nachos

A Short Guide To Summer Beers & Ciders

– Session IPA

A style not for the faint-hearted, IPAs are bold and bitter, thanks to the high amount of hops in them. They’re a nice choice for blistering afternoons when you can’t escape the heat. IPAs also work well consumed with a variety of different dishes.

Try: John Boston Session IPA

Best served: 10 minutes out of the fridge



A sweeter and fruitier alternative to beer, cider is perfect in summer when you want something crisp and refreshing. There is a growing number of different varieties to choose from these days, ranging from some nice dry ones to much sweeter options. To get the most from the cider you drink, serve it in a wine glass. It gives the drink space to swirl and release the aromatics.

– Classic Apple

When you think cider, you think apple. Different types of apples will result in different characters and sweetness, and you can also get ciders that use a combination of different apples. These make for nicely balanced flavours that are ideal for summer afternoons.

Try: Coldstream Apple

Eat with: Apple cider pork sliders

A Short Guide To Summer Beers & Ciders

– Fruity Flavours

Ciders don’t need to be restricted to just apple. There are heaps of other fruit flavours like pear and berries. This latter type tends to be sweeter than the traditional apple, so if the flavour is too strong for you, try mixing it into a cocktail.

Try: Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Cider

– In Moderation

Spring Cider is a refreshingly delicious new cider experience, recognising that you don’t always want full strength alcohol, overly-sweetened cider. Spring Cider Co has added a splash of soda to their crisp apple cider to deliver a moderation solution that doesn’t compromise on flavour.

Try: Spring Cider Apple & Soda

Eat with: Smoked salmon, goats cheese, and leek tartlets



This article was produced in partnership with John Boston, Dos Equis, Chang Beer, Coldstream, Kopparberg, and Spring Cider Co. 

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