New Australian Hair Styling Brand, Mr Hawke

New Australian Hair Styling Brand, Mr Hawke

Introducing… Mr Hawke, a new Australian hair styling brand for men, who have just launched their debut product called Flex Pomade. Designed to not only style your locks but care for them and your scalp at the same time, the pomade contains a slew of effective and nourishing ingredients. It’s the brainchild of Greg, one of Mr Hawke’s founders, who’s been in the hair business for four decades. Many of Greg’s clients bemoaned the fact that they could never style their hair as well as he did, and he found that most of the time it came down to the products they used. The Flex Pomade was born out of this frustration. Designed to be easy to use and for all types of hair, it’s a one-stop shop for quick styling.

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New Australian Hair Styling Brand, Mr Hawke

So, what makes Mr Hawke’s Flex Pomade different to all the other styling products you have at home? For one, it can be used properly at the roots. Many products will leave residue and build-up on your scalp, which can become an even bigger problem if you don’t wash it all out properly. Thanks to Mr Hawke’s Rescue Formula, the Flex Pomade actually cares for your scalp and encourages regrowth. It also helps to condition the hair itself, so you’re not left with a head of coarse and dry locks. The Flex Pomade is also easily re-mouldable throughout the day. If you find you need a quick touch-up in the afternoon, all you need to do is wet your hands and run them through your hair. Simple.

New Australian Hair Styling Brand, Mr Hawke

Whether your hair is long or short, curly or straight, the Flex Pomade is still going to work for you. Mr Hawke even have some handy videos on their website demonstrating the best ways to use the product with different hair types. Their specially crafted Comb is a nice accessory to the pomade; it’s been carefully honed by Greg to be an effective styling tool for a range of different hair lengths and types.

New Australian Hair Styling Brand, Mr Hawke

To cap off Mr Hawke’s well-designed Flex Pomade, the brand recruited a master perfumer to create the perfect everyday scent for the product. It’s subtle and masculine, with hints of tobacco, leather, and diesel. The product’s lightweight and sleek matte black packaging features a hinged lid; perfect if you’re prone to losing them.

Mr Hawke may be a new name on the hair styling scene, but they have years of experience and expertise to help ensure their products are high-quality and effective.

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