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It’s never been a better time to be a fan of expansive sound in your home, thanks to the growing number of wireless multi-room speakers that are currently available. Amongst the ranks are Danish audio experts, Dynaudio. Their range of high-end active speakers work beautifully on their own, but they can also be connected to each other to form a powerful multi-room network.

Enhance The Sound In Your Place With A Dynaudio Multi-Room Set-Up

Speakers across the different Dynaudio ranges, like Xeo and Focus XD, can be connected to each other via the Dynaudio Connect box. This formidable little device uses Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, so you can stream tunes directly from your devices. It also has physical inputs, which allows you to hook up nearly any sound source, like a record player, and have it play through the high-quality speakers.

Enhance The Sound In Your Place With A Dynaudio Multi-Room Set-Up

Having a Dynaudio multi-room set-up is great for the obvious reasons, like if you’re having a party and want music pumping through the whole house. We’ve also found that it’s really nice when it comes to mundane things at home like cleaning the house. It’s super convenient moving between rooms and not having to carry a portable speaker to each one.

Dynaudio Connect can be controlled through either the remote that it comes with, or with the Connect Control IOS app. With the app, you can change the names of and switch between different inputs easily. This gets a good workout at our place when listening to a podcast while cooking, then changing the input to the TV as we sit down for dinner.

Enhance The Sound In Your Place With A Dynaudio Multi-Room Set-Up

We’ve been in awe of the quality of Dyaudio’s speakers for a while now, and being able to create a multi-room set-up has really enhanced the way we use them.


Dynaudio is available in Australia through BusiSoft at busisoft.com.au / (03) 9810 2900.  

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This article was produced by HEY GENTS in partnership with Dynaudio.

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