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Quality Transparent Frame Sunglasses To Wear This Summer | Pacifico Optical

Eyewear brand Pacifico Optical’s objective is simple; craft premium sunglasses in classic styles from quality materials, and offer them at an accessible price point. Since their launch, the Bondi-based label has successfully achieved this. The brand is always ahead of the curve when it comes to all things sunglasses, so with a recent resurgence in the popularity of transparent frames, we look to Pacifico Optical to see what their take on the style is. Check out four of our favourite transparent frame sunglasses from the brand…


BucklerTransparent Frame Sunglasses | Pacifico Optical

Buckler is one of Pacifico Optical’s most popular styles. It’s no wonder either, as the round frames are versatile and will suit most face shapes. The gloss acetate frames surround the green-tinged Carl Zeiss Vision lenses. The crystal-framed Buckler make a great daily pair of sunnies that work well for all occasions.

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Lolatransparent frame sunglasses

With a similar shape to Buckler but with a thicker frame, Lola is a great choice if you like to make a statement with your sunnies. The champagne tint of Lola offers a modern take on the transparent frame. The green lenses are also a nice unique touch to the sunglasses.

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CarterTransparent Frame Sunglasses | Pacifico Optical

If you’ve seen the Panto shape of Carter around a lot recently, it’s because it’s been super popular in thin, wire-framed iterations. Pacifico Optical’s take on it though offers a much more distinct look. With a matte finish on the crystal acetate frames, Carter looks modern and smart. They make way for the polarised brown lenses to stand out, allowing for versatile styling.

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Yacht Mastertransparent frame sunglasses

With a more angular D-shape than Campbell, Yacht Master have been specially made to be worn out to sea. The frame is transparent, but with an ocean-blue tint. The grey lenses of the sunnies feature hydrophobic coatings, helping to repel water and dirt. The lenses are polarised too, minimising glare out on the water. Yacht Master comes with a free marine rope retainer cord, so there’s no risk of your sunglasses getting lost overboard. There’s also a clip-on mirrored lens available for the style; ideal for blocking additional light and changing up the look of the sunnies.

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