The New P Johnson Leisurewear Collection

The New P Johnson Leisurewear Collection | Comfortable Tailoring For Summer

Just in time to catch the deep end of the Australian summer, custom men’s tailor, P Johnson, have just launched their new ready to wear leisurewear collection. Imbued with the brand’s signature ease and lightness, the collection features shorts, trousers, and a unique shirt jacket made from Japanese linen. Beach-side bars, harbour cruises, or just laid-back, balmy evenings are sorted with the new collection. The pieces each offer a relaxed yet tailored fit, allowing for versatility in wear. The shirt jacket works nicely when worn unbuttoned over a t-shirt, or it can be layered with a suit if you’re after a semi-formal look. Similarly, the linen trousers are supremely refined when worn with either a t-shirt or a collared shirt.

The New P Johnson Leisurewear Collection

Though P Johnson are more widely known for their custom suiting, the leisurewear collection isn’t such a far cry from their usual designs. In fact, the brand’s tailoring expertise is evident in many of the details of their leisurewear. It’s the small things like the trousers and shorts having a drawstring closure, allowing for comfortable wear without sacrificing an overall clean fit.

The New P Johnson Leisurewear Collection

Originally established in Sydney in 2008, P Johnson now boasts additional showrooms across Melbourne, London, and New York. They specialise in creating light, simple, and wearable suits. In their own words, they believe that “you should be able to wear a suit in the same way that you wear pyjamas; unconsciously”.

The brand has a way of blending the traditional with the modern; artisanal Italian tailoring techniques are matched with fabrics and designs that have a distinctly Australian vibe. Skilled craftspeople cut, stitch, and sew the majority of P Johnson suits by hand in their Sartoria Carrara workshop, in north-west Tuscany. Fabrics like light linens, premium silk, soft cotton, and breathable wool are used to craft comfortable pieces that feel natural and easy to wear. They’re ideal for the Australian climate, when a traditional suit is the last thing you want to wear in the blistering heat.

The New P Johnson Leisurewear Collection

The new P Johnson leisurewear collection is now available in their Australian showrooms. It’s definitely worth checking out if you want to up your game this season with a well-fitting and refined wardrobe.

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