L'Estrange London | Elevate Your Smart Casual Wardrobe

How To Simplify Your Wardrobe With L’Estrange London

Between work, meetings, lunches, drinks, and dinners, life can be pretty hectic (and that’s all just in one day). Where we can simplify, we do, and one of the easiest places to clear the clutter is in our wardrobes. Cultivating a refined collection of minimal, versatile pieces makes getting dressed a much quicker process, and is a step towards your day being a lot smoother and easier.

Since 2013, L’Estrange London has been helping guys simplify their wardrobes. Over the past four years, they’ve slowly been building a collection of men’s clothing that’s designed for versatility; they’ll easily get you from your 7 a.m breakfast meeting to post-dinner drinks in style.

L'Estrange London | Elevate Your Smart Casual Wardrobe

L’Estrange London’s take on smart casual basics is artful; somehow re-inventing and improving pieces we’ve seen made and re-made a thousand times before. The first of such pieces was a simple hoodie. In 2013, the guys behind the brand, Tom Horne and William Green, were discontented by what was already on the market. Their own iteration, dubbed The Hood, offers a tailored fit with brass cord ends. It’s premium, with the kind of detailing you’d be used to seeing in more formal wear. Four years later, the L’Estrange collection features jumpers, t-shirts, pants, and shirts, all imbued with that same sense of finesse and refinement.

How To Simplify Your Wardrobe With L'Estrange LondonHow To Simplify Your Wardrobe With L'Estrange London

What sets the brand apart from their peers is their dedication to comfort. This idea informs all of their designs. The Evening Shirt features a dual fabric construction; fine cotton poplin on the front and pique knit on the back. Despite the shirt’s overall tailored fit, it has a bit of stretch in it, allowing for freedom of movement.

Versatility, too, is key for L’Estrange London. Their mantra is “With Less, Do More”, so all of their pieces are made to seamlessly take you from day to night, work to weekend. It’s all about investing in fewer clothes, but better quality ones. The soft Curve Sweatshirt looks just as good worn to the office over a collared shirt as it does thrown on top of a t-shirt and a pair of shorts on the weekend. Moreover, details like hidden wrist ribbing and a strip breast pocket really elevate the piece without compromising on its minimalist design.

How To Simplify Your Wardrobe With L'Estrange LondonHow To Simplify Your Wardrobe With L'Estrange London

Eschewing traditional seasononal collections, L’Estrange London instead opts for a timeless approach to their clothes. The 24 Trouser offers a classic, eternally wearable look. The pants can be worn just as easily with a t-shirt and sneakers as they can with a collared shirt and dress shoes. They’re not lacking in comfort either; the kind of rigidness you’d normally experience in pants like this is mitigated by the blend of elastane with the cotton. They feature an elastic waistband and drawstring to ensure a perfect fit too.

In just a few years, L’Estrange London has become ubiquitous. You’ve probably seen the brand around Instagram or in your mate’s wardrobes. If you’ve been in London in the past few months, you may have seen the L’Estrange Apartment in Soho. This is their store/studio/ home, where customers are invited to hang out in a relaxed setting, have a coffee, meet the team, and pick up a new piece or two.

The brand’s pieces radiate a sense of effortlessness and ease. Smart casual can be a hard brief to nail, but they’ve hit it on the head. A few key styles from the London brand will easily simplify and increase the versatility of any wardrobe.

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