GrowlerWerks uKeg
GrowlerWerks uKeg

The GrowlerWerks uKeg For Better & Fresher Beer On The Go

If you’ve ever trawled through the pages of Kickstarter, you’ll have seen many weird and whacky products that people have come up with. Some have been great, others not so much. The GrowlerWerks uKeg falls safely into the first category, and the $1.5 million it raised on the crowdfunding platform is evidence that many other people agree (over 10,000 actually). So what exactly is the uKeg, and why do so many people love it?

GrowlerWerks uKeg

Essentially, the uKeg is a growler that keeps beer carbonated and fresh for a number of weeks, as opposed to the couple of hours that traditional glass growlers offer. The way it works is fairly simple; you install a CO2 cartridge into the uKeg’s cap, fill it with your favourite beer, adjust the pressure, and simply just pour the perfectly carbonated brew.

With a growing number of breweries, pubs, and bottle shops that have growler re-fill stations, the uKeg is the ideal way to enjoy a fresh schooner at home or at a party. It looks cool too and is available in three sleek colour options; copper plated, stainless steel, and black chrome. The 64-ounce version can hold a decent 4-5 beers, while the larger 128-ounce version can hold 8-10. An ergonomic handle lets you carry it around comfortably, plus it’s really easy to clean too.

GrowlerWerks uKeg

If beer isn’t your drink of choice, the best thing about the uKeg is that it can be used for pretty much any other carbonated drink too. It works well for water, cocktails, soft drinks, and wine as well.

The uKeg came about when a few engineers, product-designers, and above all, beer-lovers, from Portland, USA realised there wasn’t really any compact, easy to use products that kept beer cold and fresh. It’s an excellent idea, and if you’ve ever experienced the disappointment of pouring yourself a flat schooner of beer from a glass growler, you’ll know exactly why this kind of product is so sorely needed. With Christmas quickly approaching, the GrowlerWerks uKeg would definitely be exciting for any craft beer enthusiast to find under the tree.

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