Glashütte Original | Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

A Watch To Impress By Glashütte Original | Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

We’ve had our eye on premium wristwatch manufacturer Glashütte Original for a while now. The German craftsmanship is immediately noticeable in their often understated, and always refined designs.

Glashütte Original’s latest release, the Senator Chronograph Panorama Date, bears no exception. Anyone with an interest in premium watches will no doubt see the styling tailored toward the traditional sports look, while retaining enough distinction for this to be a dress watch that’s versatile enough for a plethora of occasions.

Glashütte Original | Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

Glashütte Original | Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

With the case coming in at 42mm, there’s enough size to make a statement without looking too overbearing. You’ll sometimes find watches reaching past the 42mm mark not only becoming an eyesore, but also catching on your cufflinks, table edges and door jambs. Fortunately, the Senator Chronograph Panorama Date is only 14.6mm at its deepest; a surprisingly shallow casing thanks to Glashütte Original’s in-house designed movement, the Calibre 37. Their signature mechanics have been streamlined since previous iterations with the number of working parts being significantly lessened. By its nature, this makes the Senator Chronograph Panorama Date, and other Glashütte Original wristwatches with this movement, some of the most reliable available.

Glashütte Original | Senator Chronograph Panorama DateGlashütte Original | Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

As an automatic watch, the Senator Chronograph Panorama Date is self-powered and winds as you wear it. The Calibre 37 movement under the hood also boasts up to 70 hours reserve power if you leave the watch stationary for a day or two. While this is one of the more enduring movements on the market, what’s so impressive is the power-reserve indicator subtly tucked away within the left 60-second timer chronograph.

For a 42mm face, Glashütte Original have incorporated all the features you want in a classically styled, premium wristwatch without looking cluttered. There’s a centred date display as the name suggests; the right chronograph gives you an accurate 30 minute timer, while the above centre provides 12 hour time. The dial itself is a rich black, with the numerals and indexes finished in what Glashütte Original call Super-LumiNova. Light blue, Super-LumiNova claims to highlight and contrast all the important details (like the time) in both low and high light conditions. This is complemented by the resilient sapphire crystals on both sides of the body, which have been given an anti-reflexive treatment prior to it ending up on your wrist. For added class, the hands are crafted in a white gold that’s only occasionally noticeable – it’s all part of the refined charm. There’s also several strap options, a black silicon sports band, a robust stainless steel linked band, and a premium calf-skin leather band which we just couldn’t go past.

Glashütte Original | Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

Glashütte Original may not be the first brand that comes to mind when you think top-tier wristwatches, but that’s part of their appeal. They’ve also had over two decades experience in the game, so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing. Their Senator Cosmopolite, Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar, and Vintage pieces are just a few further examples of this.

The Senator Chronograph Panorama Date is the perfect option for those wanting to stand out from fellow watch connoisseurs while doing it with class. Or, if you’re looking to impress that special someone, keep in mind that Christmas time is ticking ever so closer.

The Chronograph can be experienced and found at the following retailers in Australia: Swiss Concept – Sydney and Monards – Melbourne & Southbank. Glashütte Original boutiques can also be found worldwide, particularly in Dresden; a city definitely worthy of a visit next time you’re in Germany.

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