Crisp Cotton Bedding From A New Local Brand | Sheet Theory

Crisp Cotton Bedding From A New Local Brand | Sheet Theory

When it comes to bedding, we’re all aware of the importance of investing in quality. Think about it, you spend a third of your life in your bed. Why would you want to spend all that time tossing and turning in scratchy, stuffy, and uncomfortable sheets? These days, you don’t necessarily need to pay through the nose for high-quality bedding. There is an increasing number of brands releasing stellar products at reasonable prices. One such brand is the just-launched Sheet Theory. Based in Sydney, this new brand is the brainchild of Martyn Feller. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Martyn is also responsible for another bedding brand, Montauk Style. Where Montauk Style offers all things pure linen, Sheet Theory is all about perfecting the simple cotton sheet.

Crisp Cotton Bedding From A New Local Brand | Sheet Theory

Sheet Theory

If you love the feeling of diving into fresh, crisp sheets (and who doesn’t?), cotton is the fabric for you. Using premium materials and manufacturing methods, Sheet Theory crafts luxuriously smooth and soft cotton bedding. It all comes down to the details for the brand; things like using extra long staple fibres, which offer superior smoothness and durability. They also use single-ply yarn. This results in a softer and more lightweight end-product. Everything comes together with a percale weave, which is what makes these sheets not only stylish, but ideal for summer.  Tightly woven, the sheets are breathable and cool to touch and have a minimalist matte finish that won’t overwhelm a well-planned design scheme. With a 375 thread count, the Sheet Theory cotton sheets are a truly premium and durable product.

Crisp Cotton Bedding From A New Local Brand | Sheet Theory

The Sheet Theory range is available in an array of neutral colourways. They can be purchased in either sets, which is more cost-effective, or separately. The latter option is great if you like to mix and match colours on your bed. Sticking with monochrome works well too; the all-white look has a very luxury hotel feel to it. Cinderblock, which is a vibrant mid-grey, plays nicely with dark and light shades. If you’re looking to buy multiple sets, or if you operate an Airbnb property, Sheet Theory also offers bulk pricing.

When it comes to premium, crisp cotton bedding, Sheet Theory has you more than covered. From the skilled manufacture down to the fibres they’re made from, these are the kind of sheets you’d be more than happy to spend a third of your life in.

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