Best Christmas Gifts Under $50
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Best Gifts Under $50

There are some stellar gifts that you can pick up for under $50 this Christmas. If you’re in need of a stocking stuffer, secret Santa, or just something a little less pricey, look no further. We’ve found some of the best Christmas gifts under $50 this year…


Clean Coast Collective – Pacific Gold Straw SetBest Christmas Gifts Under $50

Clean Coast Collective was launched in a bid to help clear our oceans of harmful, polluting plastics. In addition to physically getting out there with their Trash Tribe initiative and cleaning up rubbish from beaches around Australia, they also create reusable, non-plastic alternatives to everyday products. One of them is the Pacific Gold Straw, because plastic straws are one of the most commonly found pieces of waste along our coastline. This set includes two polished gold plated stainless steel straws and a hand-made kangaroo leather pouch to store them in. 100% of the profits go back to cleaning up the beaches.

Buy: Clean Coast Collective


Triumph & Disaster – Coltrane ClayBest Christmas Gifts Under $50

You can always count on New Zealand’s Triumph & Disaster to use unique ingredients in their grooming products, and the Coltrane Clay is no exception. The hair styling product features Pracaxi Oil, obtained from the seeds of the Pracaxi tree found in the Amazon, which acts as a conditioner to soften and smooth locks. Brazil Wax, Beeswax, and Kaolin Clay are used too, to help create shape and to offer a medium hold. Everything comes together with a subtle American Tobacco scent.

Buy: Triumph & Disaster


Tactica – M100Best Christmas Gifts Under $50

The Tactica M100 is an extremely functional piece of everyday carry. With such a compact design, it’s surprising just how much the product can actually do. It’s a wrench, ruler, screwdriver, bottle opener, and package opener all in one sleek and lightweight package. Coming in at around $50, the Tactica M100 is accessibly priced and a great gift option this Christmas (delivered direct from Melbourne).

Buy: Tactica


gentSac – Sample KitBest Christmas Gifts Under $50

gentSac’s Sample Kit is a great way to introduce someone to new grooming brands and products. The kit contains petite sizes of grooming essentials, like moisturisers, body wash, soap, cleansers, cologne, and even a small toothpaste. Everything comes nicely packed in one of gentSac’s signature bags, only a smaller, sample size version.

Buy: gentSac


BWS – 7 At $7 WineBest Christmas Gifts Under $50

A good bottle of wine for only $7 is pretty unheard of, but BWS has done it with their 7 at $7 deal ($8 in NT). From now until 30th January, you can pick up bottles like Wolf Blass Red Label, Jacobs Creek Classic, Yellowglen Sparkling, Hardy’s Stamp, McGuigan Black Label, Rawson’s Retreat, Koa Cove, and more for less than $10. Wine is a pretty fail-safe gift option at Christmas, so consider your stocking stuffers and secret Santas sorted.

Buy: BWS


The Groomed Man Co. – Face MagnetBest Christmas Gifts Under $50

The Groomed Man Co.’s Face Magnet uses an array of natural ingredients to make skin look fresh, smooth, and clean. Kaolin clay, magnetite, and activated charcoal all work together to pull impurities and excess oil from the skin, which leaves it looking bright and even. The gritty yet fine texture of the grey pumice works to remove dead skin cells that would otherwise leave a dull complexion. Face Magnet can be used as a scrub and washed off straight away, or it can be left on to dry like a mask.

Buy: The Groomed Man Co.


Hunting For George – Jimmy Ceramic TumblerBest Christmas Gifts Under $50

Hunting For George’s Jimmy Ceramic Tumbler is a versatile piece that will easily fit into any home. The speckled white tumbler can be used to drink tea or coffee from, or it can be placed on the bathroom counter as a stylish toothbrush holder. It can even be a small plant pot. The options are endless for the well-made ceramic piece.

Buy: Hunting For George


Ol’ Bastards – Matte ClayBest Christmas Gifts Under $50

Launched in November this year, Ol’ Bastards is the brainchild of two barber brothers who wanted to put their years of expertise into a new line of men’s hair care and styling products. The water-soluble Matte Clay is part of their first drop of products, which also includes a pomade, volume dust, and shampoos and conditioners.

Buy: Ol' Bastards


Marble Basics – Hexagonal CoasterBest Christmas Gifts Under $50

Stylish and versatile, the Marble Basics Hexagonal Coaster can be much more than just an object to place a drink on. The 100% marble coaster can also be used as a soap dish, candle holder, or just as a decorative piece anywhere in the home.

Buy: Simple Palette


Mishmash – Naked NotebookBest Christmas Gifts Under $50

Perfect for jotting down thoughts, notes, or sketches, the Mishmash Naked Notebook is a great gift this Christmas. Available in three refined, neutral colours, the notebook is unique in that it comes sans a covered spine. Instead, it’s been left ‘naked’, and the black side-stitch binding is visible.

Buy: Hunting For George


KeepCup – Reusable Coffee CupBest Christmas Gifts Under $50

Single use takeaway coffee cups are really bad for the environment, so if you know a takeaway coffee fiend, the KeepCup is an ideal Christmas gift for them. The re-usable cup is made from glass, so won’t mess with the taste of the coffee, plus it features a sustainably sourced cork band to keep hands protected from heat. The charcoal coloured lid gives the KeepCup an overall refined look, but it’s available in a multitude of other colours too.

Buy: Rushfaster


HEY GENTS – Annual Magazine SubscriptionBest Christmas Gifts Under $50

The gift that keeps on giving, magazine subscriptions always go over well. HEY GENTS Magazine is published twice a year, and the annual subscription starts at the current issue (issue 02). It’s a great option when you don’t want the thrill of giving gifts to just end at Christmas time.



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