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Pristine landscapes, jagged city skylines, the most attractive, perfectly assembled breakfast plate you’ve ever seen. It’s all these things and more we want to remember and capture when we’re on a holiday. If you’re not content with the shots your smartphone produces, you’re likely travelling with a DSLR or mirrorless camera. Despite knowing how stellar your Instagram will look because you’re going to the effort of carrying around that extra gear, the actual carrying aspect can sometimes pose a problem. Figuring out how to carry your camera and lenses when travelling in a way that protects them, is easy to access for you, and looks good at the same time hasn’t always been easy. Then, Incase came along, and suddenly our problem is solved.

Minimalist Camera Bags For Your Next Holiday | Incase DSLR Range

Incase DSLR Range

Both professional photographers and casual enthusiasts alike will find something of great use in the Incase DSLR Range. For the pros, the DSLR Pro Pack is ideal. This backpack has a huge capacity, with multiple compartments and pockets to store an inordinate amount of gear. The bag’s main compartment folds open flat so you can easily organise and access it. It’s in here that you find adjustable dividers that can store multiple lenses of various sizes, flashes, and a camera body. Three other zip and velcro pockets are perfect for spare batteries, SD cards, and other smaller items you need to safely store. The DSLR Pro Pack can also securely hold a 15″ laptop and its associated accessories; ideal when you need to edit and upload on the fly. The extensive storage capacity of this backpack is capped off by adjustable straps on the side for a tripod or monopod. Crafted from a super durable 840D nylon, this bad boy is a hardy and worthy portable home for your photography gear.

Minimalist Camera Bags For Your Next Holiday | Incase DSLR Range

On the opposite side of the size spectrum, we have the DSLR Case. This is a great option if you only have a single camera and lens, and just need something lightweight to safely hold them when you’re out and about. The main compartment in the DSLR Case is fleece-lined with a padded divider for a spare lens or flash. The top of the bag zips open almost all the way so you can easily access your camera when needed. It also has a smaller separate compartment for spare batteries and SD cards. Like the DSLR Pro Pack, the DSLR Case is crafted from durable nylon. As far as aesthetics go, both bags sport a very clean look with minimal branding or detailing.

The Incase DSLR Range also features standalone inserts that are made from abrasion resistant 600D polyester. These are great for putting into your other luggage or travel bags.

Minimalist Camera Bags For Your Next Holiday | Incase DSLR Range

No longer do we have to fret about our cameras getting damaged at the bottom of a regular backpack when travelling. Nor do we need to compromise a great holiday outfit with an average looking camera bag. Incase has us sorted when it comes to travelling with photography gear, thanks to the functional, attractive, and minimalist camera bags in the DSLR Range.

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