Best Tech Gifts For Christmas

Best Tech Gifts For Christmas

Buying someone a tech product for Christmas is a great way of showing thoughtfulness, whether it’s a new camera to help them capture special moments in their life, or a stellar pair of headphones so they can connect with their favourite tunes. Working with a budget? How about an accessory to protect or complement a new piece of gear. These are some of our top tech gifts and accessories for Christmas…


Aëdle – VK-2 LegacyBest Tech Gifts For Christmas

Combining elegant and minimalist design with high-quality materials, the Aëdle VK-2 Legacy Headphones are a very impressive pair. As far as looks go, they’re incredibly refined, with premium aluminium meeting the soft, hand-stitched lambskin leather band. The sound they produce is clear and balanced, offering a deeply engaging listening experience. Assembled in Paris with each component verified for quality along the way, these are a truly special pair of headphones.

Buy: Aëdle


Killspencer – Camera StrapBest Tech Gifts For Christmas

Killspencer’s super durable Camera Strap delivers both form and function. The strap is available in either a paracord construction or ultra-tech cord. They can be wrapped in leather for next level luxury and comfort too. Available in three colourways, there’s sure to be an option to complement any camera.

Buy: Killspencer


Audio-Technica – CKR35BT Wireless In-Ear HeadphonesBest Tech Gifts For Christmas

You can always trust Audio-Technica to offer high-quality sound with a clean look. Their new CKR35BT Wireless In-Ear Headphones are no different. With Bluetooth connectivity, this lightweight pair features up to 7 hours of battery life. The 9.8 mm driver delivers crisp, clear sound in a compact design, and a microphone and controls mean you can make and take calls on the go. The headphones will be available from 29th November.

Buy: Audio-Technica


Toffee – Bleecker Brief For MacbookBest Tech Gifts For Christmas

Crafted from water-resistant waxed canvas with leather details, the Toffee Bleecker Brief is a sleek and practical accessory for a Macbook. It features elasticated brackets to hold the laptop, allowing it to be used directly in the brief. Moreover, an exterior pocket allows for quick access to a phone and cards. The brief is a smart and slim tech accessory, ideal for everyday carry.

Buy: Toffee


Philips – Beardtrimmer Series 9000Best Tech Gifts For Christmas

The Philips Beardtrimmer series 9000 uses a laser to guide you for a precise and even trim, and makes an otherwise mundane task pretty fun. Aside from the laser, its other stellar features include blades that sharpen themselves as they go along, and a clear LED display to show you the length you’re going for. The battery offers 80 minutes of use with a one hour charge, and the trimmer is waterproof, making cleaning a breeze.

Buy: Philips


Rain Design – mStand Best Tech Gifts For Christmas

Laptops offer mobility and convenience, but they don’t offer much in the way of ergonomics. If you’re working from one everyday, it’s likely you’re angling your neck and eyes downwards, developing bad posture and back problems along the way. The Rain Design mStand seeks to mitigate this, by offering a platform to raise your laptop to eye level. Its refined design would make for a sleek addition to any desk.

Buy: Macfixit


Dynaudio – MusicBest Tech Gifts For Christmas

Dynaudio Music is the Danish brand’s new intelligent wireless music system. Four different speakers make up the range, starting at the compact Music 1 and going up to the huge Music 7. The intelligent speakers feature innovative technologies that adapt their sound based on the room they’re placed in and the level of other noise in the room. Moreover, they look really cool, with a clean and modern design.

Buy: Dynaudio


GoPro – Hero 6 CameraBest Tech Gifts For Christmas

It’s one thing to tell people about incredible snorkelling experiences or how thrilling skydiving is, it’s another to show them. The GoPro Hero 6 Camera lets you do the latter. Waterproof to 10 metres and with the ability to capture 4k video footage, it takes adventure shots to the next level. With GoPro QuikStories, you can quickly and easily edit and upload your footage from your phone to social media too.

Buy: SurfStitch


Leica – CLBest Tech Gifts For Christmas

Leica’s latest camera, the CL, is a masterfully built piece of tech. It features an iconic body that’s compact in stature, allowing for easy day to day carry. It delivers an exceptional quality of images, as well as video, which it can record in 4k at 30 fps. The Leica CL is the latest addition to the brand’s APS-C System, so there is already a wide range of stellar lenses to use with it too.

Buy: Leica


Samsung – Galaxy Note8Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 can do a lot of great things, but one of its best features is its incredibly impressive camera. With a 12 megapixel dual sensor, photos and video turn out crisp, clear, and bright – even in low light settings. Aside from the camera, the Galaxy Note 8 is a pleasure to use with a large screen, intuitive S Pen, and fast processing.

Buy: Samsung


Google – Home MiniGoogle Home

Google Home Mini is like a tiny little assistant who has all the knowledge in the world (well, all the knowledge on Google). With a simple “Okay Google”, you can ask it anything from what the speed of light is to what’s on your schedule for the day. It can connect with a number of different apps like Spotify, Netflix, Stan, and more, so you can have all your favourite entertainment at your fingertips too.

Buy: Google


LG Signature – Wallpaper TVBest Tech Gifts For Christmas

With the high quality of content available to us at home these days (thanks, Netflix), it’s important to have a TV that can adequately display it. The LG Signature Wallpaper TV is certainly up for the task, with a 65″ screen, OLED display with self-lighting pixels that can display over 1 billion vivid colours. This is all packed into a product that is only 4mm thin!

Buy: LG


LIFX – LED LightsBest Tech Gifts For Christmas

If you’re not slowly starting to turn your house into a smart home, LIFX is a good place to start. With the ability to be controlled through an app, these lights can cycle through 16 million different colours, turn on at a specific time that you set, gradually light up to mimic the sunrise, and much, much more. They can pair with Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa for a truly connected smart home.



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