A Beautiful New Range Of Affordable Leather Wallets | Hentley
A Beautiful New Range Of Affordable Leather Wallets | Hentley

A Beautiful New Range Of Affordable Leather Wallets | Hentley

When you’ve been following a brand from near its launch, you get to watch as it evolves over time. It’s exciting being on the sidelines as it continues to grow, celebrating success along the way. This is what happened with local wallet brand, Hentley. When Hentley started out three years ago, they were a small team designing kangaroo leather wallets from Sydney’s northern beaches. These days, you’ll find them in the creative Melbourne suburb of Collingwood. In those intervening years, Hentley had grown enormously, with a huge demand that has seen them continuously selling out of their products. This year has been a time of growth for the brand. They’ve re-evaluated their products and processes, and have set out with a brand new line of new, improved, and affordable leather wallets.

A Beautiful New Range Of Affordable Leather Wallets | Hentley

Signature Series


Hentley’s Signature Series marks the advent of their new era. This collection sees some of their most popular designs being crafted from a new, premium Italian leather with a whisky finish; a colour chosen by the brand’s customers. The leather is vegetable tanned, which is a term that gets used a lot when you want to emphasise the quality of the material. Rightly so, too, because vegetable tanning is a time-consuming process, often regarded as a craft that requires a high level of skill to complete. Essentially, tanning is the process of turning animal hide into leather. The alternative to vegetable tanning is chrome tanning. The latter is quicker and more cost-effective but results in an inferior quality product. Vegetable tanning is preferable not only for the quality of what it produces, but being totally organic means the colour of the leather will be naturally deeper, and it will continue to change with time. This is part of the beauty of Hentley’s wallets; no single piece will be the same as another. Each will become totally unique to their owner over time as it develops natural markings through use.

Hentley are constantly on the hunt for better materials. In the future, they’ll be introducing new leathers and asking customers to vote for their favourites. Limited edition runs of select wallet designs will be created in response.

A Beautiful New Range Of Affordable Leather Wallets | Hentley


Materials aside, the designs of Hentley’s pieces are impressive. They’re refined and slim, but don’t compromise on any functionality. You can still store a decent number of cards and cash without the bulk. The Signature Series features a wallet to suit most needs; the Zanzibar Slim Card Holder is a compact solution for those who only need the very essentials. The Kerala is ideal if your everyday carry is a bit more substantial.

Hentley designs their pieces to be timeless. They want these wallets to stand the test of time, not only in terms of quality materials and construction, but in their aesthetic too. This is why they all sport a very clean, very minimal look.

A Beautiful New Range Of Affordable Leather Wallets | Hentley

From the very beginning, Hentley’s mission has been to create premium leather products sans the hefty price tag. Nothing’s changed since, and they still offer high-quality pieces at accessible prices. The Signature Series represents a new stage in the life of the Australian brand. Stay tuned for more to come as they continue to grow and hone their craft.

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