Grooming Products To Try This Month
Grooming Products To Try This Month

Safety Razor Set Giveaway | 4 Grooming Products I Tried This Month

One of the best things about working at a lifestyle publisher is learning about new and interesting grooming products and tools. Having the chance to try them and seeing if they can enhance my routine is always exciting. A store we at Hey Gents always look to when it comes to finding the latest and best gear is gentSac. They stock an expansive range of products, and their kits and subscription service make grooming simple. Here are some of the products I tried this month…

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Mühle – R106 Safety Razor

Ahead of my first safety razor experience, I felt very apprehensive about the possibility of monumentally messing it up and ending up with a face like Edward Scissorhands’. A read over the gentSac guest article on safety razor 101, as well as some instructive YouTube videos, put me at ease though, and I was ready to give it a go. With the Mühle R106 in hand and my face lathered up nicely with some Hunter Lab Cleansing Shave Foam, I began.

The trickiest part of the process was ensuring I got the angle at which to hold the razor right. At about a 30 degree angle to my face, I started making light strokes through the lather. The Muhle R106 has a nice grippy resin handle, which allowed me to hold it with confidence and no fear that it would slip out of my fingers.

Despite a couple of nicks here and there, I came out of the process alive, and with one of the closest shaves I’ve ever had. Having used it a couple more times since, it has gotten easier with each try.

Grooming Products To Try This Month

Hunter Lab – Cleansing Shave Foam

The Hunter Lab Cleansing Shave Foam I used performed extremely well through my safety razor experience. It’s a new one from the Melbourne brand, and like the rest of their range, it utilises natural ingredients to make it a super effective product. It features a non-aerosol foaming pump to produce a rich lather, which is much-needed when you’re using a safety razor. The formulation includes key ingredients like Tazman Pepper Leaf and Desert Lime to help prepare skin for the shave and protect it too.

Grooming Products To Try This Month

Hanz De Fuko – Natural Shampoo

This month, I was keen to try out a couple of new things to shake up my hair routine. gentSac, as usual, had me sorted for this. I gave the Hanz De Fuko Natural Shampoo a go, and found that it restored softness and shine to my locks; things I didn’t even realise I had lost! Apparently, your hair can get ‘used to’ your shampoo and conditioner, and they become less effective than when you began using them. So, switching up your products every now and then is a good idea. The Natural Shampoo contains a multitude of natural plant extracts and amino acids that help to make your hair stronger and thicker.

Grooming Products To Try This MonthGrooming Products To Try This Month

Triumph & Disaster – Fibre Royale

The Triumph & Disaster Fibre Royale was also on my hit list this month. This is a styling product that promises to deliver a strong hold, as well as give weight to your hair while still offering a natural look. By all these measures it was successful. It held my style well all day – even through the annoyingly windy days we’ve been experiencing here in Sydney the past couple of weeks. My hair still definitely looked very natural, and the product didn’t make it look too matte or unnaturally shiny either. The non-greasiness was also a huge plus for me with the Fibre Royale. Its formula is water-based, which also made it easy to work into my hair and wash out too.

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