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We’ve all been there – on Christmas morning, excitedly unwrapping a gift only to realise it’s something you’ll never actually use. Save your family and friends the trouble of trying to guess this year and instead write up a Christmas wishlist of gear you really want. Check out the following 12 products for some inspiration…


All The Kings Men – Leather Duffle 12 Things To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

The well-made Leather Duffle by All The Kings Men is the kind of bag that will see you through many adventures for many years. It’s made from New Zealand cowhide leather, which is durable and looks very elegant. The bag’s large main compartment can comfortably fit all your gear for a weekend away, while a shoulder strap and dual haul handles give you multiple carry options.

Buy: All The Kings Men


frank green – Originals Gift Box12 Things To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

If you’re not already getting your takeaway coffee in a reusable cup, now is the perfect time to start. The frank green Originals Gift Box is a great way of turning your daily coffee hit into a more sustainable practice. It contains the brand’s signature SmartCup as well as their SmartBottle. In addition to their sleek look, the SmartCup and SmartBottle are embedded with a chip that allows you to pay for your coffee or smoothie without the need for cash or a wallet.

Buy: frank green


GrowlerWerks – uKeg12 Things To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

The uKeg by GrowlerWerks has been designed to keep beer fresh, cold, and delicious for longer. Fill it up with your favourite brew (loads of pubs and speciality bottle shops these days have growler stations where you can fill up), and the uKeg lets you drink it the way it was intended; straight from the tap. Insert a CO2 cartridge into the uKeg, adjust the pressure, and your fresh, carbonated beer is ready to drink. If beer isn’t your drink of choice, the uKeg can also be used for champagne, cocktails, and soft drinks.

Buy: Gallantoro


Chappelli – Vintage Single Speed Bike12 Things To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

Taking inspiration from the bicycles of the 1950s, with a touch of the ’80s thrown in too for good measure, the Chappelli Vintage Single Speed Bike is a well-designed ride. It features raked forks with crowns, gumwall tyres, thin silver rims, and a vintage-inspired saddle. If you want the ability to change gears without sacrificing on looks, the Vintage bike is also available in a 3 Speed version too.

Buy: Chappelli


Toast Living – H.A.N.D Coffee Carafe & Dripper Set12 Things To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

Elevate your morning coffee with this elegant, copper coffee set by Toast Living. It’s super easy to use and results in a clean tasting brew. Coffee drips through a filter in the dripper into the heat-resistant glass carafe, which will keep the coffee hot until you’re ready for a cup. The set’s modern and clean look means you won’t want to stow it away in a cupboard when it’s not in use.



The Groomed Man Co. – Activated Charcoal & Bamboo Body Scrub12 Things To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

If you’re after a really deep clean of your skin, look no further than The Groomed Man Co.’s Activated Charcoal & Bamboo Body Scrub. The activated charcoal is highly effective in absorbing dirt and bacteria from your pores, while the scrub’s silica rich bamboo stem extract gives it a rough texture that buffs away dead and dry skin. With argan and jojoba oils in the formulation and free from synthetics and soaping agents, this scrub will leave your skin feeling soft, clean, and fresh.

Buy: The Groomed Man Co.


Bellroy – Designers Edition Note Sleeve12 Things To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

Bellroy is already renowned for their beautifully crafted leather wallets and tech accessories, but when they released their Designers Edition collection earlier this year, they really took their premium offering to a whole different level. The Designers Edition Note Sleeve is a sleek, modern wallet made from soft leather. It can hold up to 11 cards as well as notes while retaining a slim silhouette.

Buy: Fitzrovia & Co.


Bruzzoni – Electric Toothbrush12 Things To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

When you think luxury, you don’t often think ‘toothbrush’, but somehow Bruzzoni has managed to make a highly elegant and premium electric toothbrush. With a sleek, black leather handle and metal detailing, the toothbrush looks very smart and modern. It charges via USB, and a single charge will get you about 40 minutes of teeth cleaning. It’d make a great addition to your bathroom counter.

Buy: Opumo


Samsung – The Frame Lifestyle TV12 Things To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

Blurring the lines between technology and art, Samsung’s The Frame Lifestyle TV will make a great addition to your living room wall. Coming standard with a sleek charcoal frame, with a choice of three wooden frames available too, the TV looks like another piece of art hung on your wall. Artwork is automatically displayed on the screen when it’s not in use, making the TV blend seamlessly into the surrounding space.

Buy: Hunting For George


Triumph & Disaster – Logic Toner12 Things To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

Containing a whole host of natural ingredients that will work wonders for your skin, the Triumph & Disaster Logic Toner is a must-have this Christmas. It’s a great second-step product to include in your grooming routine, right after cleansing, to clear away any leftover dirt and excess oil on your skin. Alternatively, swipe a bit over your face for a quick refresh at any time of the day. It’s alcohol-free so won’t make your skin feel tight and dry.

Buy: Triumph & Disaster


Silverbackgoods – Jumelle Backpack12 Things To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

Jumelle by Silverbackgoods is a versatile backpack that you could easily carry to work, on the weekend, or while travelling. It features multiple pockets for easy organisation of your gear, as well as a removable laptop compartment. The backpack sports a very refined, minimal look, but offers a whole lot of functionality too. There are hidden security pockets to safely keep your phone, wallet, or passport, plus the backpack is water-resistant. Ventilated padding on the back and shoulder straps make it super comfortable for prolonged wear too.

Buy: Silverbackgoods


HEY GENTS – Magazine Subscription12 Things To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist

Magazine subscriptions are always a nice gift idea, as they keep giving throughout the year. If you haven’t already subscribed to HEY GENTS Magazine, it’s a great one to have on your Christmas wishlist this year. The magazine is published two times a year, and each issue features interviews with creative talents, travel recommendations, beautiful photography, and more.